EmmaJean’s Boutique

This past week, I was FINALLY able to stop on in on EmmaJean’s Boutique.  SO CUTE! 

The two women that opened up shop make me laugh every time I’m in their company….It probably has something to do with just how much they remind me of….ME!  They are a mother-daughter partnership, and just like my mom and I, barely agree on anything.  (Most likely because they have so many creative juices flowing…they sometimes CRASH into each other)  I kid.  Really the conversations I have had with them are almost word-for-word conversations The LadyBeez have…..where the most serious disagreements revolve around each other’s taste in fabric! LOL!

That’s what makes this shop so fun!  There is something for every generation.  Every color palate.  Every Fabric Taste!

Adorable Kids’ Clothing,  Funky Jewelry, Fun Accessories for your purse, your pet, your home, AND your wardrobe….PURSES, and candles, and pictures, OH MY!  Raindrops on roses, and Whiskers on kittens!   Soaps, Aromatherapy, Body Spray…..Get something for your Mom, your Sister, your BFF, your kiddos, YOURSELF!

223 North Main Street….Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

(P.S.  You’ll find LadyBeez Designs there too.  BeezLegz, Quilted Purses, Aromatherapy Spa Bags, and Ruffle Sleeve Dresses. 😉 )

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