LadyBeez Designs 1st Trunk Show

Last night was a BIG Night for us!

We had our first in-home Trunk show….graciously hosted by a dear friend of mine. 


It’s made us take a good long look at how we do business, and we are so excited to do one again soon!  (hint, hint…the contact button is right there in the top right corner)

If you’ve never been to or hosted a trunk show, it’s a more private showing of our clothing and accessories to you and your friends in your home.  This makes it easy to bring your little models and try on the different designs and sizes to see what fits right for you.

What is DIFFERENT and unique about LadyBeez though, we handmake EVERYTHING….to order…so it’s ALL up to you!  You like this fabric, but that dress…we’ll MAKE IT!  You like these two skirts, but want a dress….WE’LL MAKE IT! 

CUSTOM! CUSTOM! CUSTOM!  Design your OWN clothes!  SO FUN!

Shoot us an email or give us a call if you’re in Wisconsin, and we’d love to bring our goods to you!

Trunk Show Set Up

Trunk Show Set Up




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