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Hallmark Movie Review: Coyote Creek Christmas

I know that I’m going to get a lot of push back from a hoard of Hallmarkies….but the highlight of this whole movie for me was Azriel Dalman as Noah Bailey.

The child actor.

oh, and the Marmot.

So here’s how I break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️ Meh. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan….I feel like I am always here explaining myself to the masses. I’m not sure what I am missing. Janel Parrish was adorable per usual, but the brand of leading man that Paevey brings to the screen just does not work for me. He’s just so rigid. So, although Dillion and Paige did have chemistry… just wasn’t enough for me to even feel invested. I guess I live for the drama that Hallmark couples usually give me, and there just wasn’t enough here. The conflicts seemed easily fixable. It was just a “Meh” for me….except for the Library scene…that was pretty cute.

STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The idea of a party celebrating Christmas traditions with food and drinks around the world sounds EPCOT EPIC! (see what I did there?) I absolutely want to go to that! I loved that Dillion & Noah’s relationship was so genuine and sweet…refreshing to see an actively engaged dad on our screens! However, the whole plot of the Paige’s parents selling the family inn without telling her just didn’t jive….and why wouldn’t she be more mad at them then this man she met 3 days ago? I know it’s a typical Hallmark conflict, but they’ve been spoiling us lately with better, more heartfelt storylines, and this didn’t feel right with how close they portrayed this family’s bond. (IMHO, of course)

SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️❤️ NOAH! This kid made the ENTIRE movie for me. He didn’t just kill the “word of the day”…he KILLED this whole acting gig. His expressions and delivery were on par with Jannel Parrish! And I’m so glad he was here because he saved this one for me!

FEELS ❤️❤️ I hurt for Paige….but from a daughter’s perspective as far as feeling left out of a huge decision by her parents, and Noah was making my mama heart swell….but aside from that, my feels really only perked up at the thought of Egg Nog taste testing and eating and drinking around the world.

HALLMARK SURPRISE ❤️I was surprised by how easy Dillion gave up and left with an excuse about Noah and then immediately turned around with a complete business revamp/lame apology/tiny little 4 second kiss cuz that ‘s all they had time for before the fireworks started ending. Yikes! I’m sorry. This is harsh, but I did not get this conflict and resolution at all. 🙁

NEW (ungraded) CATEGORY no hearts given, but I feel like some of the “traditions” or decor in these movies NEED a little spotlight. I mean…


  1. CHRISTMAS MARMOT! One of the BEST parts of this flick! I thought what in the crap is this crazy??? But when they explained the legend behind this tradition, I found myself wondering how I can start this in my city? I love it so much, I already have my wheels spinning 🙂 Friends, watch your doorsteps!
  2. Winter Glamping???? As long as there is heat….that won’t endanger me from starting my tent on fire….I might be willing to try…..just going to need some real facilities, cuz below zero potty breaks do not sound very magical to me.
  3. Christmas-Card-A-Thon: while I was envisioning Jerry Lee Lewis and some amazing entertainment acts in front of rows of red and green bedazzled telephones….the idea of writing and sending Christmas cards to service men & women is pretty spectacular too!

14/25 Not going to be on my watch again list…but walked away with some really adorable ways to celebrate Christmas, so I dug that much!

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  1. J’adore le dessin du pick-up rouge !
    Les téléfilms de Noël sortent d’abord chez toi et mettent un peu plus de temps avant d’arriver en France.

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