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Happy to be a Sponsor again this Year!



Style Spotlight: Ruffle Pants

If you are looking to dip your toes into boutique clothing….why not start with a staple item?   RUFFLE PANTS!


Our Ruffle Pants are available in sizes 6/12m all the way through ADULTS!  If you aren’t sure of your size, we can start with some simple measurements and go from there!

We always have a selection of prints in our Etsy shop or at Market Boutique on Main to browse, but did you know you can CUSTOM ORDER whatever your little ruffled-pants-heart desires?

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1. Pick a PRINT:  Color, Design, Pattern….look in our Shop, or request something different!

2. How many Ruffles?  Single, Double, or Triple?

3. Embellishments?  Do you want ribbon or lace added?

4. What size?  6/12m  through Adult XL (best to give measurements for all ADULT sizes)

5. Once you place your order, your custom boutique ruffle pants will be ready to ship within 2 weeks.

LadyBeez Designs BST: Buy, Sell, Trade

When I asked mom a few weeks ago what I should do with all the clothes we’ve personally made my kiddos, I thought the idea of passing them along to my future grandchildren would strike a chord with her….

However, she promptly replied, “Why?  You hate all the clothes I made you now?”  ooh, touché , mom, touché.

And wouldn’t you know, over the course of the next week, I had multiple customers inquire about buying or selling LadyBeez second-hand.

I hear you, Lord, I hear you.  When the signs keep coming, you just gotta listen.

I created a Facebook group for this very purpose, and you can find it here:

BSTcover Collage