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Hallmark Movie Review: Follow Me to Daisy Hills

It’s Fall Harvest Time on the Hallmark Channel!

I was getting kind of restless waiting for new movies to be released on our beloved Hallmark…and I do know there were a few new flicks during the summer, but they just never do capture my heart like Christmas. I vividly remember last year feeling the same way, and I thought I’d be waiting until the end of October to pick back up my viewership…..

But, Fall is my Favorite Season. So, when Fall Harvest was announced, I knew I would get sucked in to all things Pumpkin and Harvest-y Hallmark style.

So, here I am: Reviewing the first of the 2020 Fall Harvest Movies: Follow Me to Daisy Hills.

Ok, I’m first going to start off by saying what it is not. It is not Pumpkin-y/Fall like/Harvest-Fest at all. This movie could be thrown into any season at anytime… Where are my Pumpkins? Where are my Apples?

Also, it is not very good. Sorry, I really try not to be too negative….but I gotta be honest. This took a LOOOONG time to get me to actually care about these characters and their relationship. It starts off with Jo (Cindy Busby) having HORRIBLE business sense. I get it. Some people love their small town feels…but being on social media is kind of old news as far as a business goes (even for a small town store). Also, I get wanting to be kind and generous to friends (I do this too and get yelled at all the time) BUT when something costs you DOUBLE, and then you give it away completely FREE instead of charging your customer…..I can’t. Whatevs. That storyline was rough.

One the bright side, the main couple did get me to care by the 1st kiss, though. (and yes, I said 1st kiss….there are more than 1 😉 so that was delightful) Mostly, though, I did have to pretend that slicked-back hairstyle out of existence the entire movie. Just, no.

Let’s Get into it though. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a review

So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

It started sooooooo sloooooowwwww. The fact that these two high school sweethearts had history, and everyone was telling us they should be together didn’t even make me believe it. Does it make me a horrible person that I was distracted by Blake’s hair so much that I couldn’t concentrate? Probably. Quarantine hair, don’t care? Dude’s a good looking guy….get that man a haircut.
Classic smalltown girl….left by a boy in search of the “Big City” (INSERT THE BIGGEST EYE ROLL) I just didn’t like it. I already discussed a lot of that above….but I DO love a good “community store” concept being the small handmade business that I am. I saw that coming a mile away…and still loved it.
I did enjoy a few of the little sister’s one-liners….she actually referenced “making out” in a Hallmark movie, so bonus points there. And, although Bob was quite disheveled most of the movie, which I didn’t understand at all….I’m very interested in trying his BBQ
FEELS ❤️❤️❤️
Not much in the romance department…but I did get a little heart flutter in the essay written by sister Sophie. I wouldn’t say it was amazing, but it was lovely. That family unit sure loves each other and is loyal and wonderful.
The surprise for me was that I actually did care a little bit about the couple and the storyline by the end. There were a few lines that Jo and Sophie quipped throughout the movie that made me giggle. (“We were having a moment!”) I don’t know why the dramatic viral post surprised me so much at the end….should have been an obvious “twist” with how anti-social media Jo was…but nonetheless, it got me to smile.

12/25 . Not excited about it. Would pass on by if it was on again.

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Hallmark Movie Review: You’re Bacon Me Crazy

I am getting BACK into my blog groove.

I think one of the biggest reasons I hit a wall this week was it finally got to me that I have put most of the “me” things on hold.  While I realize that this is totally and completely necessary in order to try and accomplish all the “distance learning” for 4 dependent children….

it also has finally lead me to a bit of burnout this week.

Well, let’s get back at it!

SO it’s Wednesday. And on Wednesday’s we HALLMARK here!


I almost fell off my chair when this movie was announced.  Anything with BACON in the title has GOT to be good, right?

Also, these two leads are usually very good…..the test?  Are they good together?

Well, my initial quick review:  BACON + HALLMARK = 100% WIN!

I’m going to jump into my 5 point review in a second, but I wasn’t exactly sure where this point would fit…so I’m putting it here.  I could hardly contain myself that I got a personal shout out in this film.  I mean, they NAMED THE MAIN SANDWICH AFTER ME!


(sure, it’s my maiden name initials…but still.  It’s ME!)

I feel so seen.

Untitled (2)


So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ON POINT!  The WHOLE MOVIE.  I just love it when the actors start off the movie NOT hating on each other or annoying each other.  It really makes the process of them getting together a lot more believable for me.  They were both so cute about it.
STORYLINE ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
LOVED THIS!  It was such a cool concept…Food Trucks!  Maybe part of my love for it was the fact that we can DO NONE OF THESE things right now:  Farmer’s Markets, Food Trucks, Competitions, Being in Public….it really made me realize just how much I miss all of it, but I am excited to do it again soon! (God-willing)
I liked Gabe & his brother’s relationship a lot, but my favorite was Cleo’s niece, Tessa!  How fun was she?!?!  Helping her technology-impaired auntie with her business 🙂 Makes me sad that I’m in the “old” crowd now…but I can still manage a few social media accounts, so I guess I’m not a dinosaur yet 😉
FEELS ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
UGH! The hard part about having the feels begin at the start of the movie…when the conflict parts come, they really hurt.  They made me feel them all., What a roller coaster!
I Just Really LOVED these two leads together!  Gabe & Cleo ALL DAY! Could you tell?  The surprise for me was how they were almost like real adults when conflicts came up.  When I thought they would Hallmark-zig….they would ZAG!  All the little misunderstandings were resolved quickly.  And the big conflict was believable!

21/25 ❤️. Would  HIGHLY recommend…and would probably watch again….as long as I had a BIG BLP to eat while I watched!

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Just My Type: Hallmark Movie Review

SPRING FLING arrived this past Saturday on Hallmark!

Did you get to watch?

I’m not sure the last time I actually watched a Hallmark movie on it’s premiere date, but I certainly intended to on Saturday….but life with a family of 6 all quarantined to a one TV house decided otherwise.

I did, however, get to watch this on Sunday night….and it was a bit of a different experience, as my lovely husband willing sat down and watched it with me…he wasn’t even too judgy 😉


Overall, both my opinon and my hubby’s was the same  “It wasn’t that bad”  Not a raving review….but for me, it got off to such a sllloooooowwww and awkward start, that once it it finally got better, it was hard to get into.

Maybe it was the Obvious FAKE Spring “Blossoms” everywhere….please tell me I wasn’t the only one distracted by the puffy, pastel, plastic flowers in the background…foreground….EVERYWHERE!

Now I hope with all this negativity you don’t start think that I didn’t like this one!  I totally did! The turning point of Vanessa actually telling Martin the real reason she wanted to write a story on him….well, it was “feels” moment that changed the whole movie for me.  It made me start rooting for them all!

There were also some great one-liners in this one…even made the hubs and I laugh out loud a few times!

Untitled (1)



So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa…it took her awhile, but once she opened up, I was IN IT!  You could tell Martin was game from that point too!  I really did love their chemistry…but Hallmark!  Please stop cutting the ending SO FAST.  I actually remarked, “That was abrupt”  You make us wait the whole movie for a kiss….then boom and done.  😦
This was just Okay.  There wasn’t a whole lot of substance to it.  He didn’t like fame.  She wants to write a story….GASP, they live in different cities……not a big heart string tugger….(I mean, it’s not like they are in a lockdown situation, amiright?!?!)
I’m laughing while typing this because my DH had LOADS to say about Vanessa’s friend, Amber.  Apparently she reminded him of a character from a different movie (it isn’t flattering, so I’m not saying)  But everytime she was on the screen he commented on it.  That being said, I actually loved she insight and interaction.  The comments from her parents/friend when Martin cooked her a meal is the part that made us giggle.  Delivery was flawless.
FEELS ❤️ ❤️❤️
They made me care.  I was sad at the “conflict” part…so I’ll give them 3 hearts.
I would say the big surprise for me was how honest they were with each other about their feelings…but then it DIDN’T MATTER ANYWAY…so that sucked.  But obviously, it ended happy…and that’s why we watch, right?
12/25 ❤️. Would recommend…But I wouldn’t re-watch this one


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2019 Hallmark’s Christmas Movies: Which one’s are worth Watching?

It turns out, you might need a little guidance this weekend…

As you may or may not know, my love for Hallmark Movies got very real this past Countdown to Christmas when I reached out to the friends in my Facebook universe.  I posed the question: Who loves Hallmark Christmas movies…and who would love to play a game with me?

Out of the handful of people that shared my love/obsession… 21 people (including myself) decided to jump on board with my crazy idea of hosting a

Hallmark Christmas Movie Showdown Bracket.

Basically, I took 24 of the NEW movie premieres and paired them up against each other in a Bracket.  We watched them.  We voted.  People either donated $$ to participate or a prize to be given away.  It turned out WAY more amazing then I thought it would!  It was not only fun to play, but it was fun to discuss the movies and get to know some awesome people that I didn’t typically interact with before.

I DO have plans on hosting again this 2020 Christmas Season (God-willing), but for now…

If you haven’t heard, Hallmark is airing their Countdown to Christmas Movies this weekend as a Marathon!  Now, I know you might be game to just sit down and watch them all.  And, to that I say, “GOOD ON YA!”  They’ll bring you happiness and joy!

If, however, you are thinking…“Geez, I wish I knew which one(s) are actually good…”


(to be fair, our Hallmark Christmas Movie Showdown Group is here for you) Because thanks to our hours of dedication and sacrifice from October 2019-December 2019.


and BETTER YET….we discussed, voted, and ranked them all!

I won’t reveal all of our secrets, because I didn’t ask if I could share identities…but I will share our FINAL vote.

In order to determine the “REAL” Hallmark Christmas Movie Winner, we voted on the TOUGH, hard-hitting question:

Would You Watch It Again?

Below is the  Final List:

Out of 21 voting Members, the number Listed is the Percentage of Participants that would, in fact, RE-WATCH the movie.  (and with all the options out there, that’s some High Praise for a Hallmark flick, if you ask me)

  • 71% Merry & Bright
  • 71% Christmas Scavenger Hunt
  • 62% A Christmas Love Story
  • 57%  Christmas in Evergreen; Tidings of Joy
  • 52% Christmas Under the Stars
  • 48% A Gift to Remember 2
  • 48% Christmas Town
  • 43% Write Before Christmas
  • 38% Check Inn to Christmas
  • 33% Double Holiday
  • 33% The Christmas Club
  • 29% Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses
  • 29% Picture a Perfect Christmas
  • 29% Mistletoe Secret
  • 19% Christmas at Dollwood
  • 19% It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
  • 14% Our Christmas Love Song
  • 14% Christmas at the Plaza
  • 10% A Christmas Duet
  • 10% Christmas in Rome
  • 10% Holiday Date
  • 5% Nostalgic Christmas
  • 0% Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays
  • 0% A Cheerful Christmas


There you have it folks!

My personal opinion…I would watch ALL of the movies on the above list that scored 33% or more.  This is the VERY HIGHLY regarded opinion of the Hallmark Movie experts I gathered.  Do with it what you will!

Also. This is only our opinion of whether or not we’d watch it again…if you’d like further clarification on a specific movie…or pros/cons to this/that.  I am happy to help!  I understand what pressure we are under to choose wisely in a home that shares limited screens 😉  Feel free to ask away!

Hope They Spread some JOY to you this Weekend.

Happy Social Distancing &  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Love Under the Rainbow: Hallmark Movie Review

On Wednesdays we Watch Hallmark.

Let’s be honest though….I watch Hallmark on more than just Wednesdays (I mean, just wait until the Countdown to Christmas begins again)  So, I guess it’s more accurate to say, “On Wednesdays we Talk Hallmark”

If you’re here for sewing and craft talk, you’ll have to power through today.  Who knows you might be a closeted Hallmark junkie too. If you’ve joined me from my Hallmark Movie Showdown group…..or that sounds like something you’d like to hear more about….Wednesdays are going to be YOUR JAM on this blog.

Right now, we are experiencing a drought of sorts on the Hallmark Movie Channels….no new premieres until March 28th when they launch Spring Fever.  I am struggling with the wait.  Thankfully, on Sling TV, I  have been able to catch up on movies I haven’t seen before.

This one fit in right in along with the time of year….so I squealed with joy when it finally was available.


Love Under the Rainbow

I had high hopes immediately when I saw that my girl, Jodie Sweetin, was the leading lady.  STEPHANIE!!!! (for all the Full House fans)

I have loved every Hallmark Movie that she has been in…..

Here’s what she brings: superior acting compared to most Hallmark leads.  Maybe it’s just me, but she just comes off more natural: Her delivery & Her chemistry with all other people on the show. That being said, this ended up being my least favorites of the Hallmark movies she’s starred in.

The subject matter of this movie was tough for me.  I know a lot of Hallmark films address the loss of a parent, but not all of them have it as the main story line.  Jack (the widower) played his part so well….complete with avoidance and anger.  This is the part that made this very different from many Hallmark movies.  It made it more realistic, but harder to wrap up in a pretty package like Hallmark usually likes to present.

The little girl, Sophie, was ADORABLE!  and the RAINBOWS …oh, my goodness. I am going to re-watch this one with my kids because my Rainbow LOVING girl will FLIP OUT over that scene in the meadow!!!!

So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
Lucky & Jackie were so into each other and had so many cute moments! I would have loved to give it 5, but it felt too rushed at the end with how strongly Jack pushed back during “the conflict”
Hit me right where it hurts….but it was good. Just felt a little rushed
Sophie was Amazing. Her love of Rainbows made me want to make all of her crafts! I was fairly certain I knew where they were going with it, and I was expecting it…just rather abrupt.
FEELS ❤️ ❤️❤️
Great chemistry. There were a few pretty intense moments. Funny inside jokes. THAT RAINBOW SCENE in the meadow left me in complete awe. But when it was suppose to be super sad, I didn’t cry. Maybe it was the fast gut check to Jack being angry.
I wouldn’t really say there was a big surprise….it followed the basic Hallmark Movie recipe
14/25 ❤️. Would recommend…but I am only watching again if my kiddos are around to show them the Rainbows!