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2021: Year in Review

Here we are again!
The beginning of a NEW YEAR!

Are you excited? Movitated? Already over it 😉 ? LOL!

Well, I’m somewhere in between all of that…..I want to be motivated and excited….and, if I’m going to be honest, I think it’s more of a slow clap situation over here for me. Normally I feel like I’m ready to go with lots of goals and dreams and wishes for the new year…..

And you know what’s even more crazy : my husband was asking me about my resolutions/goals yesterday and I found myself unprepared. SO, I will do what I do every year: take stock. A look back always seems to spark something in me….here’s hoping that this re-cap of 2021 will give me what I need for a Reset in 2022.

My sewing “goals” in 2021 were two fold:

#1. I wanted to participate in the 52 Week Sewing Challenge in a group I stumbled upon on the book of faces. I actually already recapped that experience in a whole blog post that you can find HERE, so I won’t retell that story. However, I will say…I thought I didn’t do a very good job at sticking with it, but it turns out, I completed many more of the challenges than I thought (even if I wasn’t trying), but more importantly, it inspired many really great projects for me! Most notable were as follows

  • Organizing My Space: My Sewing Studio has never in my life been cleaner/more organized
  • The Birth of the FUNDEEZ
  • Completion of many UFOs
  • Push to get a head start on vacation outfits

#2. I wanted to participate in the Sew the Alphabet Challenge with CKC Pattern Company. (if you remember I had this goal in 2020 as well. Now, I’m happy to report I did improve! in 2020 I sewed A, B, & C. This year, in 2021, I sewed A-all the way to K! Not too shabby.

So, goals are goals….and it’s fun to strive for bigger things….what 2021 brought to the world of LadyBeez Designs was so unexpected I would have never had this on a vision board for myself.

Remember that one time I was on TV? March 17, 2021…a day that will live in infamy

HOLY SMOKES! Being invited to appear on one of our local TV morning shows was quite a highlight! I’ll tell you something, though, the excitement of being on a short segment for Local Live at 5 really pailed in comparison to the excitement, support, and love I received from my family and friends. You all made me feel like a MILLION BUCKS!

….and then…..

They invited me back to share a Mother’s Day craft on May 7, 2021.

Such a fun and wild experience! Nothing but love for Millaine Wells & Lisa Malak from Local Live at Five on WFRV!

During the summer months I took time away from promoting my sewing business….which is usually what I do…4 very active kids home 24/7 is a lot to add to mix of a small business where I have to be all the things and a “regular job” working night shift. I always welcome this break….but it felt like it stuck a little longer than it used to.


In addition to that little mishap…..I wasn’t promoting my business for another reason….because I was prepping for the ULTIMATE SUPER SECRET SURPRISE DISNEY VACATION! I spent many hours hiding in the basement making outfits and accessories for the whole family. We didn’t tell the kids anything until the morning we woke up to drive to Florida. It was EPIC. I loved being able to not only make many of our Disney-themed apparel (SO MANY EARS!!!!) but but I was happy to buy from other artists as well. I had planned to blog about all the Disney themed items….just not enough bouts in a day for me.

We had THE BEST WEEK in Florida! Besides Walt Disney World for 4 days (each park for a full day), we made it to LegoLand AND Discovery Cove! Trip of a LifeTime for us all!

We got back just 3 days before most of the kiddos started school, so it was a whirlwind trying to get back into the swing of life, work, and sewing.

I also attempted to get back into the auction circuit with Red Rose Auction House and Crafty Chic Auctions….but that avenue kind of fizzled for me.

It’s so strange to look back through my completed projects because I feel like I didn’t sew as much as I had in past years, but I am realizing I probably did….just different things. And many “custom requests” for friends and friends of friends.

And I was able to sew a few special items for our family this year….even though, our children’s styles and tastes (and attitudes) are ever changing. Why do they grow up so fast??!?!?

We Went out in a WHOLE NEW WORLD for Halloween as the cast of Aladdin (1994 version)

On Deer Widow’s Weekend, I was able to take the girls out to the craft shows I used to vend at with my mom….wow! If that wasn’t bittersweet! I loved shopping for a change…but I really did make me miss being a vendor! Who knows! Maybe 2022 will see me back in a booth?

My love for Hallmark and Hallmark Christmas movies claim a large presense on the blog here…..41 NEW movies this year! I did watch them all….just ran out of time/steam to put up full reviews. The Hallmark Christmas Movie Showdown Bracket was in it’s 3rd year. This year we had 60 participants! SO MUCH FUN! (we are still plugging away…down to our last 3 votes, so it’s getting very exciting!)

Now we are already in the first week of 2022….but I wanted to finish this up anyway.
I am so grateful for all of you here supporting this space. My creative outlet. My therapy. My passions. It means so much to me…all your love and encouragement. And I’m sure my family thanks you too…as sewing (and being creative in general) is my therapy… 😉

I’m looking forward to new things in 2022….and perhaps returning to some of my old favorites as well! I hope you’ll come along with me!


Meet the Beez: Brittany

aka: the post that I talk about myself.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am the daughter of the LadyBeez team….and the voice of this here blog.  While my mother, Bonnie, is very talented at many things, technology is not her strong suit.  So, you’re stuck with me!

Here I am with my family.  I am blessed to be married to an amazingly supportive (and may I add VERY handsome) man, Randy, and we have 2 ridiculous children: Samantha (age 3.5) and Cashton (7.5 months).


I could go on and on, but I asked my mom to write some questions for me….you’ll notice they sound eerily similar to the questions I asked her.  She cracks me up!

How old were you when you started sewing/crafting?

I have no idea!  I’m pretty sure I was creating something while still en utero.  Honestly, I remember coloring and drawing and painting and crafting from the time I was very young.  Apparently it runs in the family.  Already my Samantha asks to color or paint 4-5/day.  As for sewing, my mom tried to teach me about a million times when I was younger, but I never really had the motivation.  I found my motivation about 2 years ago when I started blogging, and I realized that I could make some adorable clothes for my daughter (much cheaper) if I made them myself.

Who taught you?

As I was saying, first it was my mother….and she is still my on-call sewing advisor.  But, I found that I am a very visual learner that hates patterns, so this means that I learn best by visual tutorials and measurements.  Make sense?  Well, if it does, can you explain it to me?  hehehe.  If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you I teach myself a lot.  I guess I’m the only one who can figure me out.

What is your favorite color?

Tough one.  Right now, I’d have to say Orange, but really I just LOVE COLOR!  ALL COLOR!

What is your favorite creative outlet?

I’m becoming very fond of sewing.  I LOVE Photography!  Paper crafting is fun too, but very difficult to do with small children around eating it….

What tool would you create to help you do your craft more easily?

a maid….that way I wouldn’t have to worry about tending to our housework….wait, do I even worry about that now?

What new craft would you like to learn?

I’d love to take a photography class.  I’d love to learn to crochet, but then that would just add one more thing that I don’t have time for 🙂

If you had unlimited funds, what would you do?

I’d quit my job., and take our family traveling all over the world!

What would be your perfect job?

Open an arts & craft store/boutique where all my crafty friends could sell their goods, and we could host classes to teach others how to tap into their creative side!

What is the hardest project you’ve ever done?

I make ever project harder than it has to be! LOL!  I always like to try new things, but never like to follow a pattern. I feel like I need to make it “my own”.  So, to-date, I’d have to go with Samantha’s Quilt.  I made up my own pattern, and messed up more than once!  Love it…but glad it’s finished.

What crafts do you like putting together to make a project?

I’d have to say that photography pairs well with whatever project I work on.  I love to take pictures of the process and finished product.

 SEE, I warned you I was long-winded! 

 Did I miss anything?  Are you dying to know more?  Feel free to ask me in the comments!