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LadyBeez Designs response to COVID-19

Yes, you’ve heard from every business that you’ve ever been to…

AND every business you’ve ever mentioned in day-to-day conversation….

But, this is the time we live in.  As far as businesses go, we must keep our customers informed as to what is happening.  Are we staying open?  Are we closing down?

Ugh!  It’s all so hard!

Short and sweet:  I’m a home-based business, and I’m still in business!  I’ve actually designed some amazing pieces already in the last 2 days with some amazing ladies!  All virtually…from designing to fabric ordering.

All of my online fabric suppliers are still in business, and I’ve gotten shipments in record time…which even surprised me!  So, please, don’t hesitate to connect with me or take this time to shop from home!

I will be homeschooling our 4 children when the time comes.  Well, at least, I’ll be trying my best.  If this becomes too much for me along side my business, you will be the first to know!

Until then, I’ll be posting new designs as I make them…and as always, taking custom orders.

Now that that’s out of the way…’s what I made today:

This month’s March Meet the Maker on Instagram inspired me to Sew a Little Something for myself this morning…..and I’ve been holding on to this T-shirt for months.

While the kid’s got a “History” Lesson in the Great 1990’s of Cartoon Television known as “The Adventures of the Gummy Bears”  ,  I upcycled that beast into this:

Fitting, no?

And by Y’all….I mean Me…..

and Us.

God Bless You All!  Stay Safe Out There!