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My Hallmark Wedding Day

A little “Flash Back” to July 4, 2006…. I posted this in 2009 on my first blog. We are celebrating 14 years of marriage today. I stood before God, our family, and friends and married my Marine….after 4 years of his active duty…his 3 tours overseas defending our country….a war that we will never forget….there were no emails….sometimes I waited months for phone calls or letters….

If you knew us then, you know how much we LOVED each other…and our country….I mean, we chose to wed on July 4th…EVEN WHEN IT WAS A TUESDAY! It pains me what our Flag and our Country (which is, in my heart and mind, ALL OF THE PEOPLE that compose this beautiful melting pot) are enduring right now. I pray for us all, everyday. And, on that note….all I really wanted to do was share my Happy Wedding Day (14 years ago) with you….

On July 4th, 2006….I married my best friend…..

Of course, I had to have my best girls get all dolled-up with me…

And keep me sane…

And in case there was a scene….The Men had it all under control……”which one of these is not like the other..” (hint: he’s the love of my life!)

The church was heavenly. We got married at Grace Lutheran where I attended K-8 growing up. We are now members with our own family.

And, here we are…JUST MARRIED

MR. & MRS.

Pictures at the Park

And “I Thought I Loved You Then….”

The Calvin Klein pose

The Wedding Party

The sun set on our day…but our life together was just beginning

Our First Dance as Husband & Wife: “Me & You” by Kenny Chesney
And I leave you with what I’ve dubbed “The Money Shot”

HAPPY 4th of July!!!!!