Week 6 Sewing Challenge: Sew Something with Buttons or Snaps

well, well,well….end of week 7 and the first of the challenge balls to drop.

Although, it’s better than you may think: I HAVE completed the challenges, and I am on schedule….just haven’t blogged about it.

so, you may get more than one post today…..or maybe tomorrow?

Some other very exciting things have happened this past week too (but I’m keeping that a surprise….at least for now)

alright. Let’s talk challenge: Buttons or Snaps.

Buttons don’t scare me anymore like they used to….but, to be honest….I’m not sewing with the most reliable machines these days. In fact, I have 3 or 4 that need to be taken in to be serviced in one way or another….and, frankly, I ain’t got time to have another one bite the dust. (read that to say: I’m not chancing button holes right now) On top of that…I just really like snaps….

So SNAPS it was!

I mentioned in my Insta post that we are headed to the MOST MAGICAL Place on Earth later this year (God-willing, of course. This is a rescheduled COVID vacation) Our children DO NOT KNOW about this, so please, if you know them, keep it on the DL. Thankfully, we never told them about last year’s plans either, so the only disappointment was our own.

ANYWHOODLE…I have started gathering the necessary clothing….but you know I gotta make some too.

As soon as I saw this fabric, I knew EPCOT needed this in it’s life.

I love switching up the colors and making something extra unique!

If you’re thinking about adding some snaps to your next project….these are the kind I use:

Pattern is CKC Porter’s Button Down Shirt

Now I just have to decided if I’m making the other 3 kiddos coordinating outfits….


C is for: Caden’s, Crimson’s, and Chastity’s

The past 2 weeks was the Letter “C” in the CKC Sew the Alphabet Challenge…

I was thrilled to be able to complete (or at least finally SHARE)

3 different patterns:

Caden’s Storage Bean Bag

a few MORE Chasity’s ……of which I seem to not be able to stop making!

Remember….you can purchase your own 5 pack up there ⬆️ by clicking the SHOP button 😉

Last but not least, the release of the Brand New Pattern: Crimson’s Crossover Hoodie allowed me to share mine with you all!

I wasn’t expecting this crushed velvet to give me such ALI vibes…..

but, I’ll take it!


Temperature Quilt: 2020 Complete with Border

I feel like it’s been so long since we’ve chatted about the Temperature Quilt from that yester-year 2020. Then I realized… has only been a month since I blogged about it, and that’s what I had been doing all along the way. I guess what I have really been missing is the tracking of temps. Doing something everyday for a year really changes a person, ya know?!?!?

Well, this week of 2021….in the middle of a polar vortex…..while I daydreamed of the dark blues that would have compromised a temperature quilt had I continued this project into the new year……I finished the white hexie border around the ‘ol 2020 girl.

So, Here she is….in all her Glory……

My 2020 Hexie Temperature Quilt representing Oshkosh, Wisconsin with the added White Hexie Border.

A Quick Reminder of the Temperature Legend for all you guys and gals that might be curious:

Just looking at it completed is so surreal to me.

I remember the end of every month catching up on missed days….being so nervous this would be the month I quit….

and then…..super excited to dive into the next month to see how much the color patterns would change through the month and from one to the next……

I have to be honest.

I’m pretty proud.

And…..because I wouldn’t be me without giving you a little glimpse into my crazy world, I give you this real-life anecdote:

I hang this quilt up on the wall in our living room in order to get these pictures. So, as we were sitting down to dinner last night, and all 4 children are talking around/over/on top of each other and us adult people…….

  • Me: I finished the white border around my quilt today.
  • Hubby: Yeah I see that! Looks really cool.
  • Child #1: The flower needs watering that’s why it’s dying.
  • Child #4: no, it needs more sun.
  • Hubby: it’s fine, we will just cut it off and throw it out so it will have more energy to bloom again…
  • Child #3: What?!?! Why Would you do that?????
  • Me: [explaining to #1-#4 the perils of carrying on 2 conversations at one time]
  • Hubby: Are you Kidding?!?!? Mom sewed that beautiful quilt every single day for a whole year. We wouldn’t just throw it out.
  • Me: **shrugs** seems kind of legit though.

And, that my friends, is how they keep me humble…..because after all that work, all that time, and all that beauty…..

Imagining one of them spilling something, ripping something, or tossing this aside as garbage wouldn’t surprise me at the end of the day.

And I guess that’s motherhood in a nutshell, no?

I do have more work to do on it:

The back of the quilt is what I will tackle next, but until then, I am going to sit back and enjoy it for a bit…..

And pray it doesn’t get thrown out 😉


Week 5 Sewing Challenge: Sew Something for Storage

When this week began, I had big plans for sewing some fabric boxes or containers for my sewing studio….organization still on the mind…..and I gotta harness that while the mood strikes, ya know?

But, as I was sitting at my machines sewing garments….this Big Jar ‘O Zippers was staring me right in the face. I realized that I purchased these zippers months ago with plans to make more Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bags…..but I never did. What made me wait so long? Not sure. I made this one for the girls’ room last spring.

And this guy for the boys’ room:

Then made this one for auction shortly after…

I even had a friend order one for her daughter’s birthday:

They seemed popular enough, so perhaps it was just the colors of zippers I had left that was holding me back.

That’s when I find it’s nice to come at it from a different perspective. I went Zipper to Fabric….instead of Fabric to Zipper. Meaning, I used the color of the zippers I had to inspire the fabric choices in these…… and that, my friends, is your weekly glimpse into the crazy train in my brain that led me to the decision to make these this week:

If you’re interested to have one to be your very own, you can bid on them this weekend in the Red Rose Auction House. (Hint: click on those blue words to find the Auction items up for bids)

Our littlest guy loves his so much he fills it half full and sleeps on it like a pillow 🙂

Week 5 of 52 in the books!


Week 4 Sewing Challenge: Sew Something for your Feet or Head….also B is for Bobby

I decided to satisfy two challenges in one this week with: SOCKS! SOCKS! SOCKS! SOCKS-SOCKS-SOCKS! (if you didn’t yell that out to the tune of “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOT!”, please try again. 😉

I had made Georgia some matching socks with an outfit last year…

but had yet to sew some for myself….so had to purchase the Bobby Sock’s Pattern by CKC in adults.

Here’s the thing. I’m not sure I’ll be making a lot of these. Sure it’s a good scrap buster (you know how I love those), but I wouldn’t consider socks with seams in them 100% comfortable. I’d definitely keep it in my arsenal for costume/theme/special occasions, but I’m not going to go hog wild on sewing them like I did with the FUN-derwear of last week.

Adding to the challenge…..I whipped up another one of these slouchie headwraps from Patterns for Pirates.

Man, I LOVE these things! I’m not a huge “hat girl” and I love a good messy bun, so this style is perfect for keeping me warm AND leaving my hair where it likes to live: High up on top of my head and free from the winter head gear Wisconsin weather demands.


4 weeks of challenges accomplished! I already beat my 2020 record of 3! YEA ME!