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2021: Year in Review

Here we are again!
The beginning of a NEW YEAR!

Are you excited? Movitated? Already over it 😉 ? LOL!

Well, I’m somewhere in between all of that…..I want to be motivated and excited….and, if I’m going to be honest, I think it’s more of a slow clap situation over here for me. Normally I feel like I’m ready to go with lots of goals and dreams and wishes for the new year…..

And you know what’s even more crazy : my husband was asking me about my resolutions/goals yesterday and I found myself unprepared. SO, I will do what I do every year: take stock. A look back always seems to spark something in me….here’s hoping that this re-cap of 2021 will give me what I need for a Reset in 2022.

My sewing “goals” in 2021 were two fold:

#1. I wanted to participate in the 52 Week Sewing Challenge in a group I stumbled upon on the book of faces. I actually already recapped that experience in a whole blog post that you can find HERE, so I won’t retell that story. However, I will say…I thought I didn’t do a very good job at sticking with it, but it turns out, I completed many more of the challenges than I thought (even if I wasn’t trying), but more importantly, it inspired many really great projects for me! Most notable were as follows

  • Organizing My Space: My Sewing Studio has never in my life been cleaner/more organized
  • The Birth of the FUNDEEZ
  • Completion of many UFOs
  • Push to get a head start on vacation outfits

#2. I wanted to participate in the Sew the Alphabet Challenge with CKC Pattern Company. (if you remember I had this goal in 2020 as well. Now, I’m happy to report I did improve! in 2020 I sewed A, B, & C. This year, in 2021, I sewed A-all the way to K! Not too shabby.

So, goals are goals….and it’s fun to strive for bigger things….what 2021 brought to the world of LadyBeez Designs was so unexpected I would have never had this on a vision board for myself.

Remember that one time I was on TV? March 17, 2021…a day that will live in infamy

HOLY SMOKES! Being invited to appear on one of our local TV morning shows was quite a highlight! I’ll tell you something, though, the excitement of being on a short segment for Local Live at 5 really pailed in comparison to the excitement, support, and love I received from my family and friends. You all made me feel like a MILLION BUCKS!

….and then…..

They invited me back to share a Mother’s Day craft on May 7, 2021.

Such a fun and wild experience! Nothing but love for Millaine Wells & Lisa Malak from Local Live at Five on WFRV!

During the summer months I took time away from promoting my sewing business….which is usually what I do…4 very active kids home 24/7 is a lot to add to mix of a small business where I have to be all the things and a “regular job” working night shift. I always welcome this break….but it felt like it stuck a little longer than it used to.


In addition to that little mishap…..I wasn’t promoting my business for another reason….because I was prepping for the ULTIMATE SUPER SECRET SURPRISE DISNEY VACATION! I spent many hours hiding in the basement making outfits and accessories for the whole family. We didn’t tell the kids anything until the morning we woke up to drive to Florida. It was EPIC. I loved being able to not only make many of our Disney-themed apparel (SO MANY EARS!!!!) but but I was happy to buy from other artists as well. I had planned to blog about all the Disney themed items….just not enough bouts in a day for me.

We had THE BEST WEEK in Florida! Besides Walt Disney World for 4 days (each park for a full day), we made it to LegoLand AND Discovery Cove! Trip of a LifeTime for us all!

We got back just 3 days before most of the kiddos started school, so it was a whirlwind trying to get back into the swing of life, work, and sewing.

I also attempted to get back into the auction circuit with Red Rose Auction House and Crafty Chic Auctions….but that avenue kind of fizzled for me.

It’s so strange to look back through my completed projects because I feel like I didn’t sew as much as I had in past years, but I am realizing I probably did….just different things. And many “custom requests” for friends and friends of friends.

And I was able to sew a few special items for our family this year….even though, our children’s styles and tastes (and attitudes) are ever changing. Why do they grow up so fast??!?!?

We Went out in a WHOLE NEW WORLD for Halloween as the cast of Aladdin (1994 version)

On Deer Widow’s Weekend, I was able to take the girls out to the craft shows I used to vend at with my mom….wow! If that wasn’t bittersweet! I loved shopping for a change…but I really did make me miss being a vendor! Who knows! Maybe 2022 will see me back in a booth?

My love for Hallmark and Hallmark Christmas movies claim a large presense on the blog here…..41 NEW movies this year! I did watch them all….just ran out of time/steam to put up full reviews. The Hallmark Christmas Movie Showdown Bracket was in it’s 3rd year. This year we had 60 participants! SO MUCH FUN! (we are still plugging away…down to our last 3 votes, so it’s getting very exciting!)

Now we are already in the first week of 2022….but I wanted to finish this up anyway.
I am so grateful for all of you here supporting this space. My creative outlet. My therapy. My passions. It means so much to me…all your love and encouragement. And I’m sure my family thanks you too…as sewing (and being creative in general) is my therapy… 😉

I’m looking forward to new things in 2022….and perhaps returning to some of my old favorites as well! I hope you’ll come along with me!


2021: 52 Week Sewing Challenge….Fail?

It’s always ….interesting… look back on a yearly challenge. Am I surprised I didn’t complete this list? Not in the least! I wish it didn’t give me so much sadness looking at what I didn’t accomplish, though. I am trying to see it for what it did help me get done….what it help me to learn new….what it helped me create….

So, with that outlook, I will share with you what I DID do this year in regards to this challenge.

Week 1 Jan 4-10 Organize Your Sewing Space probably my MOST proud accomplishment. This is the prettiest my studio has ever looked! MORE pics in this POST

Week 2 Jan 11-17 Sew a WIP/UFO after organizing all that space…I found lots of “works in progress/unfinished objects” and got quite a few done! If you’re interested…you can see the rest HERE

Week 3 Jan 18-24 Make a pattern you already own but have never sewn I CANNOT believe that this was the week the FUNdeez were born! I had this pattern for awhile, but had never sewn it….and once paired with million baby chicks fabric…..the softest underwear came into our lives! Hit that SHOP button up top to buy some of your own!

Week 4 Jan 25-31 Sew Something for Your Feet or Head I overachieved this week and did both! Sock sewing did not land as well for me as the FUNdeez….see post HERE

Week 5 Feb 1-7 Sew Something for Storage I actually LOVE these…and was surprised there wasn’t more interest from my customers. Oh well, my kiddos store LOTS of stuffies in these and LOVE them! See the other ones I made HERE

Week 6 Feb 8-14 Sew Something with Buttons or Snaps got one of MANY Disney outifts made for this challenge! Love this TOP


Week 7 Feb 15-21 Something Green or Environmentally Friendly one of my MOST popular items to date…Reusable/Washable Snack Bags! Even made these GREEN ones GREEN!

Week 8 Feb 22-28 Sew Something Other than Fabric didn’t blog about it….and I’m not sure I even shared this one, but I did complete it! Sewed a card:

Week 9 Mar 1-7 Sew Something Timeless and/or Classic : Bow ties….pretty timeless and classic if ya ask me!

Week 10 Mar 8-14 Sew a Bag ooh looks here! more reusable snack bags! Lol!

Week 11 Mar 15-21 Act of Craftivism my last blog post about this year’s challenge….pretty fun activity that I got to include the kiddos in

Week 12 Mar 22-28 Sew Something for Yourself well I did sew this for myself, however, I never did wear it….

Week 13 Mar 29- Apr 4 Upcycle Something Colton’s birthday shirt! For our little FISH lover

Week 14 Apr 5-11 Sew Your Newest or Oldest Fabric Newest fabric for a custom order

Week 15 Apr 12-18 Sew Something Animal Themed quite literal on this one…

Week 16 Apr 19-25 Make Something inspired by a Character I believe this is the first week I had to “make up” as I didn’t sew anything inspired by a character …. But later sewed my first pair of EARS!

Week 17 Apr 26- May 2 Sew a Wardrobe Staple what’s more of a staple than underwear?? MORE FUNDEEZ!

Week 18 May 3-9 Sew Your Favorite Thing it is always my favorite thing to sew for my kids! birthday outfits for G!

Week 19 May 10-16 Face Your Sewing Fears new things are always intimidating for me. I’m not a huge fan of sewing teeny tiny clothes…and when it has small details like binding and ruffles…it makes it even harder…but I’m glad I faced my fears on this one

Week 20 May 17-23 Procrastination Sew finally finished my character inspired outfit

Week 21 May 24-30 Sew a Bathing Suit funny thing about this: I made this specifically for this challenge and for our Disney trip…and then, never gave it to my daughter to wear 😩

And THIS IS where SUMMER STARTED….and the first big curveball of life: Sammy fell and broke her arm while we were camping…..

Week 22 May 31- Jun 6 Sew Something Rainbow Inspired NOT COMPLETED

Week 23 Jun 7-13 Sew Something Vintage Inspired distressed….Vintage-y

Week 24 June 14-20 Fix the Fit of a Garment ….changed a Tshirt into a Tank

Week 25 June 21-27 Sew Something Monochromatic Missed this one

Week 26 June 28- July 4 Quilt or Bind Something made the July quilt square for my collection….still missing June,August and November

Week 27 July 5-11 Organize Your Sewing Space this was a GODWINK in my year….I used this week wisely and organized my studio once more….

Week 28 July 12-18 Sew a UFO NOT COMPLETED BECAUSE….

ON JULY 14th/15th….our basement flooded. Our basement is where my Sewing Studio was….and so the entire floor had to be ripped out, industrial fans and dehumidifiers for days….I am so thankful that I did the organizing the week before….the damage to fabric and supplies was minimal….but it left a mess of epic proportions!

Week 29 July 19-25 Sew Something with a Unique Hem or Stitch NOT COMPLETED

Week 30 July 26- Aug 1 Draft a Pattern made a pattern to cover pre-made EARS!

Week 31 Aug 2-8 Mash Patterns NOT COMPLETED

Week 32 Aug 9-15 Make Something for Back to School WE WERE IN DISNEY!!!

Week 33 Aug 16-22 Sew Something with a Zipper or Placket ON VACATION!!!!

Week 34 Aug 23-29 Sew Something Inspired by Art back to school dress inspired by art? Maybe?

Week 35 Aug 30- Sept 5 Sew with a Stash Fabric You are Afraid to Cut Into NOT COMPLETED

Week 36 Sept 6-12 Sew Something Two Ways for the Kellie skirt pattern test ….sewn by machine and by hand (buttons)

NOW THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING…because I stopped trying with this challenge….I get very overwhelmed when I feel like I’m behind and since I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete all of these challenges, I stopped looking at them….that doesn’t mean I stopped sewing though. So, from here forward I found it fun to see if I accomplished the challenge without know what it was 😎

Week 37 Sept 13-19 Sew Something with a Woven Fabric NAILED IT! I altered two of our nieces Homecoming dresses! Both woven fabrics!

Week 38 Sept 20-26 Embroider or Hand Sew Something NOPE! But it was my Birthday Week and I made myself a top

Week 39 Sept 27- Oct 3 Make Something with a Hood WOOHOO! Upcycled this shirt for Sammy’s spirit week!

Week 40 Oct 4-10 Weave Fabric hard nope on this one…not sure I would ever weave fabric by mistake 🤣

Week 41 Oct 11-17 Try Something New Crazy! I did try something new this week….custom order for a friend…she bleached the flannel and I embellished it with a Tshirt

Week 42 Oct 18-24 Make or Embellish Your Own Fabric Well shoot, that would have been fun! 😕

Week 43 Oct 25- Oct 31 Sew a Costume do I get bonus points for 7 costumes?

Week 44 Nov 1-7 Sew Something You Would Normally Purchase more FUNdeez!!!

Week 45 Nov 8-14 Sew an Undergarment OOH! Guess what I made? ….FUNDEEZ!

Week 46 Nov 15-21 Sew Something for the Kitchen Reusable snack bags count, right?

Week 47 Nov 22-28 Sew Something with a stretchy waist I used a lot of stretchy waist clothing this week….Thanksgiving + Hospital work ….but unfortunately, no time to sew any

Week 48 Nov 29- Dec 5 Sew Something Purple while this is super specific…I actually DID sew something purple!!!

Week 49 Dec 6-12 Sew Your Inspiration oh how very fitting….I made the girls’ Christmas dresses this week….these kiddos are always my inspiration

Week 50 Dec 13-19 Sew a Gift helped Georgia sew these fidget gifts for Sammy and her friends at Jesus Cares: a Bible Study group for people with special needs

Week 51 Dec 20-26 Random Act of Kindness while I would love to say I fulfilled this challenge…I did not. I sewed a ton of gifts and orders to be given as gifts….but that is not random.

Week 52 Dec 27- Dec 31 Quilt or Bind Something I wish I didn’t have more than one quilt to finish up…..and to be honest, I really wanted to work on them…but my sewing studio is a complete DISASTER! I was looking forward to the 2022 sewing challenge and expected there to be a “Organizing Your Space” prompt right away….but there is not.

So, I am taking time this week to at least start to tackle it.

If you’re interested in joining the 52 Week Sewing Challenge with me, you can find the group here


I sewed a LOT more than what was on this list 😍

I sewed a LOT more of these prompts than I actually thought I did, and part of the year I wasn’t even trying 😂

Even when I feel spent, discouraged, or down….I still find joy in creating and it remains my passion 🥰

I plan on attempting the new prompts in 2022 🧵

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Disney Lanyards: Pin Swapping Fun

This is a NEW TO US Disney Activity!

The last time we went to Disney was December of 2013, so were were a family of 5. Our kiddos were ages 6, 3, 1.5, and I was 5 months pregnant.

I never said we weren’t crazy.

At any rate, collecting/swapping pins was NOT on my radar. The kiddos LOVE meeting the characters and collecting autographs though….and since that isn’t currently possible with the COVID protocols, they do still have a system in place to keep pin trading alive. I found this explanation of how pin trading works SUPER helpful.

Of course, due to the pandemic, things work a little differently, so THIS breakdown is how we will have to go about our trading. If you don’t want to click it….it basically says there are trading “posts” set up at the different parks and you can look through the boards, choose which pin you’d like to trade for, and a cast member will get it for you.

In order to save time/money…..I made us our own lanyards to carry/display/keep our pins!

Here is a quick measurement guide:

Cotton fabric: 4” x 37”

Fleece for batting: 1” x 34”

Then it’s just ironing the strips of fabric around the fleece and sewing them up….attach clip on the end and Viola!

Is this free? Maybe not for the average Disney goer….but I have all these supplies already, so for us IT IS!

I also wanted to have the kiddos start off with some pins, of course……so I looked and looked and looked….after reading lot sof great reviews, I decided this was the company I wanted to go with to not be scammed. 🙂 I bought a lot of 50 pins. We divided them up: 10 for each kiddo and 10 for Mom & Dad.

SUPER EXICTED to surprise them with these! I wonder which ones they’ll want to keep….and which ones they feel like trading 🙂