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Hallmark Movie Review: Follow Me to Daisy Hills

It’s Fall Harvest Time on the Hallmark Channel!

I was getting kind of restless waiting for new movies to be released on our beloved Hallmark…and I do know there were a few new flicks during the summer, but they just never do capture my heart like Christmas. I vividly remember last year feeling the same way, and I thought I’d be waiting until the end of October to pick back up my viewership…..

But, Fall is my Favorite Season. So, when Fall Harvest was announced, I knew I would get sucked in to all things Pumpkin and Harvest-y Hallmark style.

So, here I am: Reviewing the first of the 2020 Fall Harvest Movies: Follow Me to Daisy Hills.

Ok, I’m first going to start off by saying what it is not. It is not Pumpkin-y/Fall like/Harvest-Fest at all. This movie could be thrown into any season at anytime… Where are my Pumpkins? Where are my Apples?

Also, it is not very good. Sorry, I really try not to be too negative….but I gotta be honest. This took a LOOOONG time to get me to actually care about these characters and their relationship. It starts off with Jo (Cindy Busby) having HORRIBLE business sense. I get it. Some people love their small town feels…but being on social media is kind of old news as far as a business goes (even for a small town store). Also, I get wanting to be kind and generous to friends (I do this too and get yelled at all the time) BUT when something costs you DOUBLE, and then you give it away completely FREE instead of charging your customer…..I can’t. Whatevs. That storyline was rough.

One the bright side, the main couple did get me to care by the 1st kiss, though. (and yes, I said 1st kiss….there are more than 1 😉 so that was delightful) Mostly, though, I did have to pretend that slicked-back hairstyle out of existence the entire movie. Just, no.

Let’s Get into it though. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a review

So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

It started sooooooo sloooooowwwww. The fact that these two high school sweethearts had history, and everyone was telling us they should be together didn’t even make me believe it. Does it make me a horrible person that I was distracted by Blake’s hair so much that I couldn’t concentrate? Probably. Quarantine hair, don’t care? Dude’s a good looking guy….get that man a haircut.
Classic smalltown girl….left by a boy in search of the “Big City” (INSERT THE BIGGEST EYE ROLL) I just didn’t like it. I already discussed a lot of that above….but I DO love a good “community store” concept being the small handmade business that I am. I saw that coming a mile away…and still loved it.
I did enjoy a few of the little sister’s one-liners….she actually referenced “making out” in a Hallmark movie, so bonus points there. And, although Bob was quite disheveled most of the movie, which I didn’t understand at all….I’m very interested in trying his BBQ
FEELS ❤️❤️❤️
Not much in the romance department…but I did get a little heart flutter in the essay written by sister Sophie. I wouldn’t say it was amazing, but it was lovely. That family unit sure loves each other and is loyal and wonderful.
The surprise for me was that I actually did care a little bit about the couple and the storyline by the end. There were a few lines that Jo and Sophie quipped throughout the movie that made me giggle. (“We were having a moment!”) I don’t know why the dramatic viral post surprised me so much at the end….should have been an obvious “twist” with how anti-social media Jo was…but nonetheless, it got me to smile.

12/25 . Not excited about it. Would pass on by if it was on again.

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It Has Pockets!

Have you seen the skirt I posted in conjunction with 12 other Red Rose Auction House vendors and their giveaways????


Kicking off THE BEST MONTH of the year…I always like to do a giveaway of some sort, so I was so excited when my auction friends were doing a big LOOP giveaway as well!

Of course, I can never sew something this adorable without one of my girls commandeering it….so guess who claimed the “sample”


Miss Sassafras, herself: Georgia.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the poses she gives me by now…but she still makes me laugh every time.


Sooooo…..if you haven’t already, head over to LadyBeez Designs Facebook Page and enter to win this skirt in your size of choice….

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Temperature Quilt: August 2020

August 2020 is in the History Books!

I can hardly believe that Summer 2020 has come and gone….but it was a beautiful one in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (as far as weather goes)

This temperature quilt has really been a BRIGHT spot in this roller-coaster year. Let’s talk details again real quick. Each day I’ve sewn 2 hexies: one for the high temp, one for the low temp. Below is the Temperature Legend I created to use back in January when it all started:

August Temperatures were more of the same: Lots of Oranges and Reds. So June, July, and August have all been very constant. I’m not complaining….(Orange is my favorite color, afterall) I am, however, very excited for a little change in the next month.

Here is the Quilt to Date: January 2020-August 2020

OOH! I can’t wait to see these colors cool down again!

Watch Me Grow: Month By Month Progression

…..and now….

Guess What Time it Is?!?!!?



(It’s my birthday month)

May the Odds by ever in our Favor this School Year….


Temperature Quilt: July 2020

Ahhhh….the HUES of my Favorite Color, ORANGE, you are so beautiful!

It’s kind of amazing to me that the month of July temperatures officially recorded in Oshkosh, Wisconsin were so, very boring….and by boring, I mean consistent….and by consistent, I mean much of the same: Lows in the the 60s and Highs in the 80s. What a beautiful Summer Month!

If this is your first time here, a couple quick reminders: This is my first ever paper pieced quilt. This is my first ever hexie quilt…and also the first time doing a temperature quilt. I chose to do 2 hexies per day: one for the high temp and one for the low……a here’s my Temperature Legend:

Oshkosh Residents, if you felt a little melted during some of these “HOT” summer days…please remember, my temperature readings are the recorded temperatures ONLY. They do not take into account the HEAT INDEX or the Humidity. So, you might be surprised that not one day in July reached above 90 degrees. (We had some 90 degree days….but not ONE degree above) I find that fascinating! (also, our family wasn’t actually IN Wisconsin this whole time…and where we were reached over 100 with a heat index of 109!!!!!!)

And, now, my friends, as I am typing this post…I look down at this picture below and see for the first time: Those 3 polka dot Red-Orange Hexies that are perfectly aligned as the High Temps of the 23rd days of the past 3 months and I AM SHOOK. How did I let this happen?!?!?! Ugh. I will try not to let it bother me, but I promise you, I will fail. It will be the spot that grabs my eye…..only SLIGHTLY less annoying than those 2 turquoise houndstooth hexies from January and February that are ACTUALLY FLIPPING TOUCHING!!!!

THE FULL QUILT progress so far: January through July 2020

I posted this picture yesterday…yes, another coffee and fabric picture. What can I say? Jesus. Coffee. Pretty Fabric. It just soothes my soul….and can you blame me for needing a little extra soothing these days?

We made it through another month of 2020, and I, for one, made lots of wonderful memories with my family while I took some time away from my sewing business. I pray you’ve been able to make some beautiful memories this summer too.

I did add a little bit of a personal touch to July. On the 4th of July (our anniversary) I made sure to center a little heart on the HIGH temp Red Hexie.

Every angle makes me smile looking at the color gradient….

And now, I give you the Month-by-Month Progression….

And there you have it! 7 months down, 5 to go in 2020. This project sure has added some extra happiness to my year…

May the Sunshine continue on into August!


Temperature Quilt: June 2020

JUNE! I made it half way through the year of 2020.

Guess What!?!?! SO DID YOU!

What a WILD RIDE it’s been so far….no?

I can say ONE thing for sure….seeing 6 months of a temperature quilt all put together makes 2020 look BEAUTIFUL. Didn’t quite think I’d be able to say that, but that’s what an array of colored fabric does to me 🙂 And, I am truly grateful to have this gorgeous distraction.

I got behind in making the hexies this past month, but I’m all caught up now!

Let’s remember our colors, shall we?

In June we Saw LOTS of REDS, Red Oranges, and ORANGES! All Warm and Beautiful!

and ONE day….ONLY ONE…..the temperature reached ABOVE 90. So, I got to use Burgundy! (we got to 90 a couple times, but not over more than once)



Two colors for every day: High Temp and Low Temp.

January 2020- June 2020 Temperature Quilt in all it’s color:

The months’ beginnings:

The Ends of the Months

Month By Month Progression…

And there you have it!

One half of 2020 in it’s Hexie Quilt Glory!