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Hallmark Movie Review: Christmas CEO

This pains me in ways you can’t imagine, but…

I did not enjoy this movie.

So many things about it did not make sense to me: the casting choices…the camera angles….the storyline…. Ugh. 😣. None of it worked….I’m so confused

So here’s how I break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️ Ok, listen, I adore Paul Greene. ADORE HIM. And I like Marisol Nichols, so I’m not sure why they were given this storyline. I’m not trying to be age-ist, but this would have been so much more believable for a younger couple. If he was so in love with her, how did he never say anything their whole life?!?!? And even through adulthood…and starting a company…and now after 7 years of not speaking? Not buying it. Joe seems like a very fun, charismatic dude….make a move buddy. All the “moments” were wierd/forced/awkward…. The strange fall on the roller rink that the camera was so far away you couldn’t even see their faces …and What was with the circling each other at the end???? Don’t even get me started on the cringey kiss 😳

STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️ I do not understand this story. A Toy company without toys….I’m with everyone on this….then they made Chris so un-likable for most of the movie, I couldn’t believe her turn-around in the end. And am I suppose to believe that a tween/teen girl is into toys that a 5 yo would play with? And thinks electronic toys are lame?

SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️ Emma was cute and a very good singer…but they really missed the bar on casting here. She should’ve been much younger. Or they should have written this part for a child her age. It was just off. And can we talk about “Nick”? That was a rough looking Santa…. Yikes!

FEELS I don’t think this has ever happened before… hearts ….no feels to name

HALLMARK SURPRISE (what made this different from typical Hallmark movies) ❤️❤️ “let’s go ice skating”….and bam Rollerrink? Lol! I had to rewind it to see if that was right. Honestly, the biggest surprise to me was Chris’s full given name reveal. 🎄 did not expect that!

NEW (ungraded) CATEGORY no hearts given, but I feel like some of the “traditions” or decor in these movies NEED a little spotlight. I mean…


  1. I love love loved that bed that Emma slept in…the triangular canopy with lights…like two Christmas trees 🎄 🎄

6/25 big ol Nope from me.

My Hallmark Obsession

Hallmark Movie Review: The Nine Kittens of Christmas

Everybody…..CATS! Cats! CATS CATS CATS! CATS CATS CATS CATS cats Cats ! (please read and sing to he tune of “Shots!” If you haven’t already done so….go back, I’ll wait)

So, many cats.

Real talk. Not a cat person. at all. I will not apologize for this. The allergy induced eye itching and sneezing that they ail me with is reason enough…..and also, my dog is bomb.

I don’t like cats so much that my Hallmark love couldn’t even get me to watch the first installment, The Nine Lives of Christmas, from back in 2014 until my friends assured me it was worth it. They were right.

But would this sequel live up to the hype?

So here’s how I break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Here we are again with Zachary & Marilee: what I LOVE about these two lies mainly with Kimberly Sustad’s ability to be quirky and awkward in such an endearing way that I fall in love with her every time. Together, they do have good chemistry, but she kind of carries them both. I mean, you saw that kiss in the fire station, right! FIRE!

STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️ They really threw me when the movie started out with Marilee with another man… (which I also was kind of into–she works with everyone!) especially since the last time we left them they were so in love and speaking of forever. I did like that she was able to follow her dreams of becoming a vet! I don’t know how to explain it…aside from having cats and kittens EVERYWHERE at all times, the plot of this one was a little lost on me. I’m glad they found their way back to each other and found homes for all the little furry nuggets though!

SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Chief Sam= Silver Stud! I LOVE him and his wife! They were so cute! Also, HAPPY RETIREMENT, SIR! He was so touched by his AWESOME gift! And, I really loved Marilee’s sister in this one! She gave great advice while still steering her in the way she wanted her to go 😉 Isn’t that what sisters do??? Since the kittens played such a huge part in this…I gotta shout out the fact that they named them after the reindeer…that was flippin’ adorable!

FEELS ❤️❤️❤️ I really felt for Marilee as she struggled with her feelings about work/life/love. But I FELT that first kiss at the fire station! WOWZA! And then when she just ran away….so good! Of course, the final scene was ADORBS…and I LOVED the first “ring” even more than the second 😉 As for warm hearted feels: all the memories Marilee & Jaclyn shared remembering their mom really pulled at my heartstrings: the making of the bundt cake and the advent calendar. ADVERSE FEELS: I’m not trying to DOG on the cats….but you have to admit there was a little too much dialogue with the cats in this movie, right? Or do all cat people talk to their feline friends like that?

HALLMARK SURPRISE (what made this different from typical Hallmark movies) ❤️❤️The little surprises for me were the throwbacks to the first movie: the Christmas Tree test and the Ice Cream in the grocery store 🙂 Made me chuckle! AND ANOTHER CAMEO!!!! Paul Campbell as a cop…..adopting a kitten!

NEW (ungraded) CATEGORY no hearts given, but I feel like some of the “traditions” or decor in these movies NEED a little spotlight. I mean…


  1. Charm bracelet Advent calendar….I actually already bought our girls each one for this year 🙂 I love that it’s something they can wear longer….and it reminds me of Molly Shannon’s character in the Santa Clause 2 “CHRISTMAS BLING!”
  2.  Do you do a Christmas tree test? I simply go by my sight/looks….

16/25 Even with the cats, I liked this one. 😉 I love seeing “where are they now?” sequels….however, I don’t think it surpassed the original…

My Hallmark Obsession

Hallmark Movie Review: A Kiss Before Christmas

Were you a Desperate Housewives fan? I watched it for awhile back in the day…but it’s been so long, I can’t really say I was super into it…..but that doesn’t mean I forgot my love for Mike & Susan!

So, we already know these two have what it takes in the chemistry department….it was just a question of what Hallmark hand they got dealt…

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love these two. So why am I having a hard time giving 5 hearts? So glad you asked. Imma tell you. A huge draw for me is the woo-ing….and the way this storyline was written (which I loved btw) there wasn’t a lot of “woo” But, oh, the last 20 minutes had me in tears! And it was all due to the love Ethan and Joyce poured out for each other! So freaking sweet and beautiful! 😍

STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Don’t question God’s plan! Now I know they didn’t make reference to the Good Lord…but that’s all I kept thinking while watching this. “What if…” I loved this plot! Getting to see how your life would be different if you turned left instead of right…and realizing in the end what’s truly important.

SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️no one aside from James Denton & Teri Hatcher stood out for me. Is that horrible? I mean, it almost felt like the other characters could have been completely switched out and I wouldn’t have noticed. 🤷‍♀️

FEELS ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can tell you the exact moment this whole movie blew me into “ALL THE FEELS” cuz up until this point, the only ache in my heart I got was when Ethan saw his kids and realized in this alternate life they weren’t his 🙁 the moment: at the Christmas Eve party when Ethan doesn’t remember his old life and Joyce remembers for him. Oh my goodness…the scene made this whole movie worth the watch! Of course when he got “home” was amazing too! 😉

HALLMARK SURPRISE (what made this different from typical Hallmark movies) ❤️❤️❤️ I loved that our main couple resolved their conflict very quickly. The misunderstanding didn’t last very long at all….and LOVED the scene I described above…it was just the twist needed to make the storyline unique

NEW (ungraded) CATEGORY no hearts given, but I feel like some of the “traditions” or decor in these movies NEED a little spotlight. I mean…


  1. That COFFEE MAKER! Where do I get one of those???? ☕️

18/25 Solid flick. Gave me all the family feels …..different twist on the “be careful what you wish for” plot. I liked it.