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SNOW DYEING: Winter Time Fun

Where has this been my whole Frigid-Wisconsin Life?

I am not sure how I have never heard of or done this method of tie dying before…..but I will tell you what: this is a new WINTER STAPLE in our family! We all loved it!

I stumbled upon this idea the night before my kiddos had off of school….so I didn’t have a ton of time to gather supplies. So, we used what I could grab at Walmart at 6:15am on my way home from night shift.


White clothing (cotton) : because it’s winter…I wanted long sleeves….now I know I totally could have done long-sleeved t-shirts…but I saw some gray hoodies and I snatched them up …I did, however find a white one for me.

Fabric Dye: now many tutorials I read highly recommended powdered dye….I grab a few colors of that…but I also grabbed the 10 pack of liquid Tie Dye in the squirt bottles…because who doesn’t want more options and want to squirt?

Soda Ash: they did have this in the craft section at Walmart! Yay! Soaked our hoodies for 20 minutes or so before dyeing

SNOW: We have plenty of that

Wire racks & Bins: I used a mix of cookie cooling racks and wire bins that we had around the house…had to get creative and then use both bathtubs

THE PROCESS: I looked up 4-5 different blog tutorials and videos…Google it, I promise you’ll find a ton. But the quick recap is:

1. Soak the hoodies in Soda Ash for 20 minutes.

2. Bunch up the hoodie on the rack….I wasn’t sure how well this would work….so I told the kiddos to have it more front facing and then just mess it up a bit….now I know it works REALLY WELL….and you could bunch it however you want, the dye will seep through the entire garment

3. Cover with SNOW!!!!

4. DYE IT! We used a miss of liquid and powder…the powder is much darker/stronger….but it all looks great!

5. Very carefully transfer it indoors to a tub/shower….I guess looking back we could have done this in the tub….but where’s the WINTER FUN IN THAT??? (ignore my hard water stains…needed to scrub that this week anyway…so what’s a little dye?)

6. WAIT. ……and Wait…..and WAIT FOREVER!!!! (Or 24 hours in real time) The snow will melt much faster than that…but the longer you wait, the brighter your colors should be

7. Rinse in cold water…and wash in warm water… (I also threw in some Color Catcher Sheets…and kept the like-colors together as much as I could)


We are All sporting our Hoodies today!

(Daddy has already requested one of his own….and the kids also did “normal” tie dye with the extra dye on tshirts…..I’ll hold off on those to reveal later 😏)