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Decorate the Windows: DIY Washable Window Paint Cross

I’ve seen this on so many of my friends and families Facebook Feeds…and I’ve been wanting to do it…

It’s just that: Paint is not an essential item.

I tried to order it online.  It’s either astronomically priced OR won’t be delivered for over a month.

I tried putting it in my pick-up grocery order:  NOT IN STOCK. no subsitutions

So whatever, I bought some Chalk Markers and went on with my life.


Well, it’s Holy Week…and the idea of having a large cross painted on one of our windows is just too good for me to let go.

Yesterday, we made it happen.

And I realized, it was WAY easier than I thought it would be to make our own washable paint from the paint we already had.





I did the taping, because, well, I’ve reached my limit of “4 children distance learning from home with severely limited contact with the outside world for the past 3 weeks” expectation to work together in a manner that would please Jesus on this project (you’ll see I was not wrong)

Then I used a very little amount of paint, we’ll call it “a Squirt” with a tsp or less of water and “a drop” of dish soap for each color.  Super technical measurements.  If the mixture is TOO runny, you’ll know…because it will drip.   So use less water than you think at first.

(I also tested this out and it came off very easily with my natural window cleaner)

Then, my only “rule”  was to try and not let any of the same color touch…and let them go to town.


80% of the way done, and all was right in the world….

and then it wasn’t.

Daughter on chair spilled paint cup on head of daughter on floor.

Daughter on floor does. Not react well to many “uncomfortable” or sensory triggers

Guilty Party

After this, the last painter standing “accidently” painted some of my curtain pink.


Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!

We Need You Now!


All joking aside,

Paint washed away from the Hair.

We can now be reminded of the Beautiful Symbolism of the Ultimate washing away….

In a time where we could all use the Comfort.

I couldn’t think of a more fitting day to publish this post than today…what would have been my mom’s 70th birthday….but will be forever 67 in our eyes until we meet again.

My Hallmark Obsession

Just My Type: Hallmark Movie Review

SPRING FLING arrived this past Saturday on Hallmark!

Did you get to watch?

I’m not sure the last time I actually watched a Hallmark movie on it’s premiere date, but I certainly intended to on Saturday….but life with a family of 6 all quarantined to a one TV house decided otherwise.

I did, however, get to watch this on Sunday night….and it was a bit of a different experience, as my lovely husband willing sat down and watched it with me…he wasn’t even too judgy 😉


Overall, both my opinon and my hubby’s was the same  “It wasn’t that bad”  Not a raving review….but for me, it got off to such a sllloooooowwww and awkward start, that once it it finally got better, it was hard to get into.

Maybe it was the Obvious FAKE Spring “Blossoms” everywhere….please tell me I wasn’t the only one distracted by the puffy, pastel, plastic flowers in the background…foreground….EVERYWHERE!

Now I hope with all this negativity you don’t start think that I didn’t like this one!  I totally did! The turning point of Vanessa actually telling Martin the real reason she wanted to write a story on him….well, it was “feels” moment that changed the whole movie for me.  It made me start rooting for them all!

There were also some great one-liners in this one…even made the hubs and I laugh out loud a few times!

Untitled (1)



So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa…it took her awhile, but once she opened up, I was IN IT!  You could tell Martin was game from that point too!  I really did love their chemistry…but Hallmark!  Please stop cutting the ending SO FAST.  I actually remarked, “That was abrupt”  You make us wait the whole movie for a kiss….then boom and done.  😦
This was just Okay.  There wasn’t a whole lot of substance to it.  He didn’t like fame.  She wants to write a story….GASP, they live in different cities……not a big heart string tugger….(I mean, it’s not like they are in a lockdown situation, amiright?!?!)
I’m laughing while typing this because my DH had LOADS to say about Vanessa’s friend, Amber.  Apparently she reminded him of a character from a different movie (it isn’t flattering, so I’m not saying)  But everytime she was on the screen he commented on it.  That being said, I actually loved she insight and interaction.  The comments from her parents/friend when Martin cooked her a meal is the part that made us giggle.  Delivery was flawless.
FEELS ❤️ ❤️❤️
They made me care.  I was sad at the “conflict” part…so I’ll give them 3 hearts.
I would say the big surprise for me was how honest they were with each other about their feelings…but then it DIDN’T MATTER ANYWAY…so that sucked.  But obviously, it ended happy…and that’s why we watch, right?
12/25 ❤️. Would recommend…But I wouldn’t re-watch this one



Temperature Quilt: March 2020

It’s Wednesday…but I am saving my Hallmark Post for tomorrow….because

  1. Does anyone even know what day it is anyway?
  2. I bet we all could use something pretty to look at!

I did some calculating last night, and figured out that March 2020 officially had 594 days….but, we MADE IT THROUGH!  I did, however, only record 31 days in my temperature quilt…that was enough for me.

Let’s take a look at our Temp Legend again, shall we?


I am sewing 2 hexies per day: High Temp and Low Temp recorded for Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  This month, I also started my “labeling” hexies:

HIGHLIGHTS OF MARCH 2020:  We see a NEW COLOR:  Yellow-Orange!  We reached up to the 50’s THREE days this month…and LOTS of 40’s (Yellow)….only 1 day saw a temperature under 20…

Here SHE BE:  January-March 2020 Hexie Temperature Quilt

Truth Corner?

I fell a bit behind on quilting the past 2 weeks…but FORCED myself to stay on track, so I knocked out the last 2 weeks in the past 2 nights.   This ended in tears.  I proudly held up my finished work to my husband, and promptly realized I had sewn the last 6 days on upside down (insert bawling emoji here)

But, I’m nothing if not stubborn, so after I screamed and used a few choice words, and exclaimed I wasn’t fixing it….


I fixed it.

Maybe turn the news off today….and just go look at pretty quilts, or fabrics, or something else that makes you smile?

Like how this quilt has grown…

And now we soldier on through APRIL!

God Bless Us, Everyone!

Crafts & DIY

Pictures in the Window: Flowers

Alright….we are pretty strictly following the “Safer At Home” order here in Wisconsin so it’s a little bit difficult to come by craft supplies.

I tried to order washable paints with our weekly grocery order (no go…out of stock). And online ordering wasn’t very helpful either…… so I opted for Chalk Markers.

I’ll admit I really still want to do the washable paint….maybe next week?

But until then, these chalk windows will have to do!

If you’re interested in getting some of these…the price is right HERE. And they only take a couple days to arrive 🙂

Are you joining in on the Weekly Scavenger Hunt?



Calling All Sewists & Seamstresses: Face Masks Needed

Mask Facebook Post

I said I would let you know when I know.

Well, I know now.

I have been contacted by many friends and family to begin making masks.

Here is my request to you:  IF YOU SEW:

  • PLEASE go to the website/Facebook page of your local hospital and see if they have requests.  They will tell you if they are excepting homemade masks and specifics of pattern they want used
  • If you have a family member or friend that is a healthcare worker: ask them if they are in need and what pattern they are being told to use
  • If you have a family member or friend that is immunocompromised, ask them if they are in need


THERE ARE MANY HOSPITALS/CLINICS/SYSTEMS that are not excepting these masks at this time.


Here in Wisconsin, we are just now getting the GO AHEAD from some HealthCare systems to start making masks and donating them.

THEDACARE has requested masks made from this Pattern: VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE


Please refer to above page for the locations to donate


Froedtert Hospital Instructions:

3-25-20 Hand-Sewn Mask Instructions