Temperature Quilt: June 2020

JUNE! I made it half way through the year of 2020.

Guess What!?!?! SO DID YOU!

What a WILD RIDE it’s been so far….no?

I can say ONE thing for sure….seeing 6 months of a temperature quilt all put together makes 2020 look BEAUTIFUL. Didn’t quite think I’d be able to say that, but that’s what an array of colored fabric does to me 🙂 And, I am truly grateful to have this gorgeous distraction.

I got behind in making the hexies this past month, but I’m all caught up now!

Let’s remember our colors, shall we?

In June we Saw LOTS of REDS, Red Oranges, and ORANGES! All Warm and Beautiful!

and ONE day….ONLY ONE…..the temperature reached ABOVE 90. So, I got to use Burgundy! (we got to 90 a couple times, but not over more than once)



Two colors for every day: High Temp and Low Temp.

January 2020- June 2020 Temperature Quilt in all it’s color:

The months’ beginnings:

The Ends of the Months

Month By Month Progression…

And there you have it!

One half of 2020 in it’s Hexie Quilt Glory!


Temperature Quilt: May 2020

A new month, a new Temperature Quilt Update.

I am finding solace in my sewing more than ever lately. I pray that you are all safe and healthy. I pray that you are finding ways to calm your mind and heart from all the heartaches and worries of this world.

With that, I hope you clicked on this post to escape the madness and look at some pretty things….so that’s what we’ll do, if only for a minute or two.

Let’s recap! This is the first temperature quilt I’ve ever attempted. It is a record of the High and Low Temperature everyday in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I created this Temperature Legend to go by:

Hexie Temperature Quilt Legend

The Month of May has us using a TWO NEW COLORS! RED-ORANGE and RED! That means we not only reached above 70oF but above 80oF ! WAHOO! SummaTIME!

I love to see all the colors coming together!

And, let’s not forget my favorite part…watching it grow every month…

January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
April 2020
May 2020

GOOD Things Happening:

The SUN has been Shining Brightly…the temperatures feel like SUMMER.

Our children are finished with Distance Learning.

We were able to play at a park, swim in our back yard…AND at a beach!

Ice Cream is Delicious.

We have been able to see Friends & Family.

We are able to Gather together in Love and Support and Fellowship again.

Fabric is still Beautiful.


Temperature Quilt: April 2020

I hope you’re not surprised to know I fell behind again this month.

So, I spent the last couple days catching up to bring you this post….I was all ready to finish up my last couple hexies of April and attach them to the quilt……..

and then, guess what happened?  One of my youth, full of pent up energy, tried to jump a metal stake in our yard and fell on it. (puncturing his forearm)  After a quick call to make sure we had our vaccines up-to-date….and a consult with our wonderful EMT neighbor, we made the trip to Urgent Care.  It wasn’t horrible, and, we avoided stitches due to the fact that the hole was too big….so the boy was happy.  Now, we heal at home.

School from home, sewing, blogging, thoughts of pandemic….all things on stand-still when your child is in need to medical care… about perspective….


Never a dull moment!

SO, what was this post about?  Oh yeah, the temperature quilt!

For those of you that made it through the trauma update, thank you.


Remember my Temperature Legend?


I am making my quilt to record the temperatures for Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the year 2020.  I sew 2 hexies per day: One for the high temp and one for the low temp.

APRIL 2020 Brought a NEW HIGH TEMP color to our array!


That means we reached up into the 60’s! And toward the end of the month…it looks quite warm! Something to look forward too, no?


And all together now!

Oshkosh, Wisconsin Temperature Quilt from January 2020-April 2020:

It’s just so GOSH DARN pretty!   I’m still not quite caught up with the white border hexies….maybe one day when I have that extra time 😉


At last, my friends, I give you….the “watch me grow” progression!

I look forward to warmer highs and lows this month!  If we’re “Safe at Home”, we might as well be able to spend time enjoying the weather!

MAY it BE Beautiful!


Temperature Quilt: March 2020

It’s Wednesday…but I am saving my Hallmark Post for tomorrow….because

  1. Does anyone even know what day it is anyway?
  2. I bet we all could use something pretty to look at!

I did some calculating last night, and figured out that March 2020 officially had 594 days….but, we MADE IT THROUGH!  I did, however, only record 31 days in my temperature quilt…that was enough for me.

Let’s take a look at our Temp Legend again, shall we?


I am sewing 2 hexies per day: High Temp and Low Temp recorded for Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  This month, I also started my “labeling” hexies:

HIGHLIGHTS OF MARCH 2020:  We see a NEW COLOR:  Yellow-Orange!  We reached up to the 50’s THREE days this month…and LOTS of 40’s (Yellow)….only 1 day saw a temperature under 20…

Here SHE BE:  January-March 2020 Hexie Temperature Quilt

Truth Corner?

I fell a bit behind on quilting the past 2 weeks…but FORCED myself to stay on track, so I knocked out the last 2 weeks in the past 2 nights.   This ended in tears.  I proudly held up my finished work to my husband, and promptly realized I had sewn the last 6 days on upside down (insert bawling emoji here)

But, I’m nothing if not stubborn, so after I screamed and used a few choice words, and exclaimed I wasn’t fixing it….


I fixed it.

Maybe turn the news off today….and just go look at pretty quilts, or fabrics, or something else that makes you smile?

Like how this quilt has grown…

And now we soldier on through APRIL!

God Bless Us, Everyone!


Temperature Quilt 2020: February

This is NOT solely a quilting blog. I promise.

It’s just what I happen to be working on right now, so that’s what you’re getting 2 days in row. To keep it real, I have to make sure I hold myself accountable to this project because it could very easily fall to the wayside if I don’t make sure I stay on schedule.

Quick shout out to my girl Becky for inspiring me to take on a Temperature Quilt. She’s an amazing crocheter, and she’s been making Temperature blankets (and other creative projects) for years. Every time I see her beautiful color gradients, I am in awe. Colorful things just make me happy. Not sure what made me think I should start a project of this caliber of my own….but since when did I have a good excuse to start any project? AmIright????

I know you’re all like….”get to the pretties already!” but……

Since I hadn’t blogged about it back in January, I thought I might get a base-post up for ya.

I’m not a crocheter OR knitter….and I’M NOT STARTING, so don’t ask. I’ve tried. I’m sure if I stuck it out, I’d be hooked, but I certainly don’t need another craft in my life. I enjoy giving my business to those folks that are passionate about it, and I’ll stick to sewing. So, I needed to figure out a way to quilt this blanket. After much consideration, I wanted to try something new to me anyway (SEE!!!! I need to be watched carefully, people!….) I wanted it to be portable because if I’m going to add to this daily, I can’t always be at my sewing machine.

Enter: Paper Piecing & the Hexie Quilt

I know, it’s not new. It is, however, NEW to ME! (at least it was on January 1st, 2020 when I started this madness)

Then, I just needed a plan. I came up with this as my Color Palate.

LadyBeez Designs Temperature Quilt Legend

I also decided instead of doing the high temperature for the day…or even the average….I wanted to do 2 a day and record both the HIGH temp and the LOW temp. So everyday is represented by 2 hexies.

I found out that if I ever do this again, I will adjust the color scheme a little bit….but I guess it truly just depends on the weather, right? I thought I’d have more blue in these winter months….but there’s a whole LOT of green.

As a reminder (and for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook…seriously, what’s wrong with you?) Here was the quilt at the end of January 2020. As I said then, notably, we only had 2 days that reached below zero. That was crazy to me! Us Wisconsin folk are a hardy breed and used to some cold winters.

January 2020 Temperature Quilt

So, now let’s see what happened in February, shall we?

February 2020 Temperature Quilt

A little bit BLUER for sure…

We even dipped down to -12 degrees (see the navy hexie) I believe the windchill was -27 that day…Happy Valentine’s Day to Us! Hope you all SNUGGLED UP!

Two months down, 10 to go! I’m counting on you to keep me accountable!

And…not to point out the things that I will not change/fix no matter how much they are driving me nuts…like these two hexies that ended up next to each other. 😡