Temperature Quilt: September 2020

Oh, September! How I love you so.

My favorite month of the year has come and gone…. and the temperature quilt is growing and changing again.

It is kind of amazing to look at this past month in color because it really did feel like a FALL month as far as weather….yet colorwise…looked very similar to the rest of summer. Strange.

Let’s take a look at that Temp Legend again, shall we?

I know I go over it every month, but for those who don’t know it already….I’m recording the temperatures of Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the year 2020. Each day gets 2 hexies: one for the high temp and one for the low. Kinda gives a little but more beauty to this crazy year, no?

We saw only one day in September dip below 41o F here in Oshkosh, WI. as indicated by the lone yellow green hexie.

I’ve also been a bit more relaxed about looking behind at what fabrics I’ve used on which days….so there are multiple places where the same fabrics are touching…..and, if you are wondering, yes it bothers me.

Yes, I will stare at these spots for years to come it will drive me crazy.

Will it drive me crazy enough to take it apart and redo it? Absolutely not.

My laziness are outshines my OCD.

Here she is in all her January-September 2020 glory:

From the beginning of the year until now….it’s been so fun to see this project grow and change:

Just like the change of seasons that I LOVE so much….I am excited to see the cooler temperatures bring the cooler colors back to this quilt!

October has already been an awesome shift! Can’t wait to show you next month!

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