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Hallmark Movie Review: Christmas Waltz

ooohhh….I was nervous about this one…

I have seen many a dance Hallmark movie, and let’s be honest, they are never that remarkable. I love the idea behind them….as dance, when it is good, can be so very entertaining and romantic…

Well…..Mr. Will Kemp. Thank you for leading our Lacey in this wonderment of Christmas dance and joy. Our girl, LC, playing the recently dumped, Avery, she needed it! Whew! What a rough way to start Christmas being dumped weeks before your wedding!

Whoever is in charge of these Hallmark Christmas movies this year is NAILING IT! I love that they are utilizing all these actors true talents!

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So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I was leery at first….I mean, if you do have great dancers, the chemistry is on point. When you watch a couple dancing, if they are good…it’s like acing, right? They want you to believe in the story they are telling. All this to say….I loved Roman & Avery together on and OFF the dance floor. I had to deduct a heart only because…girl was just about to get married (and even though, her EX was the Douchey-est of Douches), it felt a little rushed. I’m a total romantic though, so when he tells her to look at him instead of to the left……I was all in!
STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So much AMAZING Dancing! I loved that Roman and Avery came from very different families and backgrounds…..very different career paths/goals…..opposites attract! NICKY!!!! (I’m saving him for below) The fact that this girl just started dancing…and after 10 lessons was able to fill in as his partner in the end was a bit of a stretch for me
SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ NICKY!!!!! this kid. I wasn’t aware of who he was, but I knew he had to be somebody. He’s adorable…witty…and can DANCE EVERYONE’S SOCKS OFF! So, obvi, I looked him up. You might have heard of a couple little shows like “So you Think You Can Dance?” and “Dancing with the Stars”….yeah, he’s killed it on those. Woah, JT Church, I love ya, little man! Also, I gotta shout out to Avery’s friend, Molly! What a sweetheart! Brings a Christmas tree over to decorate to cheer her girl up…and gets her dressed and out of the house when she’s bummed…..SOLID BFF. And, DoucheBag David. he obivously played his part well, cuz I did NOT like him at all!

FEELS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Have you ever heard such a heart-warming explanation of nesting dolls? LOVED that! The dancing made me smile the whole movie through…but Avery, when she turned on the waterworks,….I felt it. I mean, your wedding got a big fat “pin” put into it 3 weeks before it was suppose to happen….girl, never apologize for crying. You deserve a good sob fest. What made me tear up, though? The scene when Roman tells her to look left….little protest….look to the left…..silent crying…..I couldn’t handle it 😦

HALLMARK SURPRISE (anything that really jumped out from the “norm” Hallmark Movie equation) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ David! This might be one of the rare Hallmark films where our “other man” was actually HORRIBLE. Like, mean and nasty. I clutched my pearls when he confronted Roman. However, it did make it a lot easier to believe she could move on so quickly. 😉 ONE MORE THING! Hallmark. YOU CANNOT KISS, BOW, and END MOVIE. GIVE ME A LITTLE BIT MORE, please and thank you!

21/25 Loved it! I want to watch again with my hubby….maybe we will finally schedule those ballroom dance lessons we keep saying we want to take!

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Hallmark Movie Review: Five Star Christmas

Kudos to Hallmark on another great ensemble cast flick!

This movie flew under my radar for so many reasons….mostly, I’m sure, as it was stuck in the middle of the Thanksgiving week marathon of movies. So, I was more surprised than anything at just how much I enjoyed it.

Did you notice the difference? An ALL adult cast? No cute children to pull at the heart strings? No rescue dogs?

You know what? They didn’t need them! Such a great job of Christmas and family nostalgia mix with all sorts of crazy shenanigans. This one was super fun!

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So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I know the “leads” are suppose Lucy (Bethany Joy Lenz) & Jake (Victor Webster), so let’s go with them. It took me awhile to get into them. They were suuuuuper cute once the movie got going. I loved her very forward approach in every aspect of her life…(can we say Oldest child?) Their make up at the end was painfully off-key but it made it that much sweeter when they just simply said I’m sorry. (more of a long -term-relationship apology than one just starting though)
STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hilarious. I loved this whole concept! The over the top acting by all the family members, the relationships between the siblings, the family stories, the memories of mom….oh my heart!
SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Now, I chatted up Lucy & Jake above…..but we also had brother Will & wife Suzanne (SUUUPER ADORABLE and fun), Dad Ted…and guest Beth (SO SWEET) BUT my favorites have to be Grandma & Grandpa! I had a super fun and crazy grandma so seeing these characters made me so happy! Oh, one more: Chef Francesca! I loved her storyline too….finding her passion in the culinary arts…..also tied to her mama! So GooD!

FEELS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Obviously FEELS were flying all over the place for me! Things I haven’t mentioned: the old video of Mama…..the Sassafras Candy Canes….the early kiss….Christmas morning present opening ( I LOVE GIFTS! They are my love language) But the moment that sealed the deal for me and brought real tears was Lucy’s toast, “To those who are gone, To those who are here, To those who are on they way….” yep….just cried again typing it.

HALLMARK SURPRISE (anything that really jumped out from the “norm” Hallmark Movie equation) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The execution of the ensemble cast in this movie was one of the best of seen in Hallmark. Each couple/family member held their own arc…..AND kept me engaged and interested! Love them all!

24/25 Family Nostaglia FOR THE WIN! It would be a fun one to watch with family

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Hallmark Movie Review: Christmas by Starlight


Is it the highest praise to say….this was so good I forgot I was watching the Hallmark Channel?

I LOVE LOVE Hallmark, but the level of predictability and cheese is usually a given. Maybe it was the writing…or maybe it was the acting….but this movie was TOP NOTCH….

SO I WAS FLOORED to find out: the lead actors WERE the writers of this movie! Honestly, I didn’t know this little nugget of information until the Hallmark commercial mid-movie when they revealed the behind the scenes clip!

There must be something about acting out your own movie….perhaps the characters mean so much more?….Kimberley Susted & Paul Campbell! TAKE A BOW! I’m equal parts impressed, entertained, and thrilled with your Christmas by Starlight!

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So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ William & Annie. oh my heart. Annie is just hilarious. I could totally see us being BFFs. I love that she always put Mr. William Holt in his place. These two were so fun to watch their layers melt away. You know the chemistry is on point when just watching him look at her is almost better than a kiss…but that last “swoop” I felt lifted off my feet too!
STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ A-freaking-dorable. I thought to myself when watching I was getting “The Proposal” vibe….and also “Two Weeks Notice”vibe……so , then, maybe it’s just Kimberley giving me Sandra Bullock vibes. I’M ON BOARD either way! The main plot of saving the diner really was a familiar story, but everything else they brought along for the ride with their relationship and playfulness made it fun to watch anyway!
SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Annie’s parents were so sweet and supportive of her…and when dad delivered his heartfelt speech about family…memories…and walls….I legit cried. I loved the Ted the client and his doggo love! Lyle was the best assistant ever…so glad he got a real title finally!

FEELS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I giggled out loud…by myself more times than I could count! On the other hand, I felt the Annie standing on the front porch declaring she would just take care of things on her own. I don’t know how many times I’ve been that woman standing in a ridiculous holiday outfit trying to just GET.STUFF.DONE. ;)….uh, did that just get too personal?……let’s see, movie feels: already talked about daddy already……but the skating….the toy store surprise….the snow globe….so so so GOOD!

HALLMARK SURPRISE (anything that really jumped out from the “norm” Hallmark Movie equation) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It was kind of powerful when William had to sit in his guilt in the middle of that diner. My heart clenched. Was it a surprise that she heard every word??? (no….he was projecting like he knew she was behind the wall…..maybe that was intentional?) But… favorite part of the whole scene? Her response. It wasn’t eloquent…and it was a lot of words…all to end in “I would be sad.” perfectly simple.

24/25 This one is on my tippy top of the list this year. If I don’t ever watch it again, I will be sad.

P.S. Kimberley & Paul are SUPER sweet in Wedding Every Weekend too

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Hallmark Movie Review: A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado

This movie got me all sorts of confused.

When it was first announced, it was titled, “A Christmas Tree Grows in Brooklyn”…which gave me a whole different expectation of setting and vibe….well, it’s “set” in Brooklyn….just Brooklyn, COLORADO. Which is no big deal….except for the main plot of the whole movie doesn’t make a lick of sense.

First things first: Rochelle Aytes. This woman is gorgeous…, she doesn’t even seem real. I would almost be mad about it, but she brought so much joy and fun to Erin that I couldn’t.

I have so many feelings about this story….and I’m not sure if I’m crazy or what, but how in the world can you NOT find another large Christmas tree……IN COLORADO….aside from someone’s front yard? And, in what world can a mayor simply commandeer said tree???? IS IT the same world that a mayor’s assistant can invoke mayoral power to cut this citizen’s tree down behind everyone’s back and not get fired?

Let’s discuss

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So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️ Erin carried this one, y’all. Kevin, my friend, have you seen this woman? Not only is she STUNNING. She’s smart, funny, playful….she is AMAZING with your daughter! She saved your freaking tree…and you almost left her high and dry. Ugh. I so wanted to be into the 1st aggressive kiss….but it just didn’t translate for me
STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️Please re-read the TREE rant above. So. many. questions. I did love the firefighter story, the adoption story, AND Erin finding her true passion in teaching…but that TREE. I can’t with it.
SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️Little Claire really did get her Christmas EXCITEMENT level up to 10! Her grandparents were UBER Sweet. Neil and their almost date was pretty funny. Erin’s parents were fine. (obviously I wasn’t that into this one)

FEELS ❤️❤️ I will say…the scene at the fire house when Kevin reaches over Erin….I knew what was coming but it still got my heart pumping a little quicker….and Also, just Erin’s Christmas Excitement throughout this whole movie made me happy….

HALLMARK SURPRISE (anything that really jumped out from the “norm” Hallmark Movie equation) ❤️Single, adoptive dad. Adorably Sweet! This whole tree debacle. Was this a satire? I’m confused.

10/25 I will not be re-watching. I’m obviously still struggling with this tree.

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Hallmark Movie Review: Good Morning Christmas!

I’m still flush with excitement from this whole movie experience.

I’m not sure why you come here to read my thoughts on life, sewing, and Hallmark movies….but you’re here to read them anyway.

So, I must tell you: my love runs DEEP for Alison Sweeney. I have grown up right along side her since she first appeared on my television screen in Days of Our Lives. I have been a Samantha Brady fan since I was way too young to be watching daytime soap operas (ahhhh the early 90’s).

Side note: it is NOT a coincidence that my first born daughter is named Samantha.

All that considered, I strapped in to watch….trying to be as objective as possible….and within the first 10 minutes I was glued to the screen. I need MORE Bright and MORE Merry! I want these two to make a REAL show. I will watch it everyday. I promise.

SO SO SO MUCH TO LOVE! Tell me you didn’t get Sami vibes from that last scene. 😉

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So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Brian & Mel……Bright & Merry (i mean, how cute are these names?) First of all, Brian just starts off being a pill! Which I was totally in to….only because…you could tell he was jut doing it to bait her! I loved it so much it made me giggle! The tree decorating scene when she just watched him and his reaction. The tears. COME ON! No cue cards? “I’ve got my notes”….”And I’ve got her.” I just can’t with these two.
STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This was so neat! I loved that they had the show be such a big part of it! They had lots of really different camera angles, shots, and perspectives. He wasn’t really a “Grinch”, and it was very heart warming when he opened up to her about his past. Aside from the producer being really cringe-y by taping them LIVE when they weren’t looking, I loved it all!
SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Man, they didn’t really need too much of a supporting cast with these two, if you ask me! However, it was super interesting how the producer was in tune with everything between them before they were. The Mistletoe Inn Keepers….if that ain’t Santa & Mrs Claus. 😉 (actually he does play Santa in a lot of Hallmark movies) The waitress/chef wannabe was….well, she was in this movie too. 🙂

FEELS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Oh my goodness. ALL OF THE FEELS. Nostalgia. Romance. Laughter. I mentioned the tree decorating above. On the flip side of that emotion: Christmas Eve EVE debacle. My heart was for him. That hurt. Everything came crashing to the best part….the part where all Hallmarkies everywhere are waiting to hear all the love stuff……Brian pours his heart out…..and Mel…..Mel goes Sami Brady on him, and IT. WAS. PERFECTION!

HALLMARK SURPRISE (anything that really jumped out from the “norm” Hallmark Movie equation) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I have to believe that Alison Sweeney had a lot to do with that final scene. It’s very her. She plays feisty so well, and I am here for it. Also I have to give props to Marc as well, I LOVED his Brian. When he breaks up Mel’s date….I was super surprised that she busted him…and he just laughs. I wonder if that is all ad-libbed?

24/25 I couldn’t WAIT for this one to be done so I could watch it again! Will Watch over and over again!

P.S. so, I cannot handle this “Three-Legged-Wreath-Race” concept. I think they definitely won by falling down immediately…….the rest of those JOLLY FOOLS had 2 MILES TO GO!!!!! Are you kidding me?!??!!