Temperature Quilt: November 2020

ahhh….November….you’ve come and gone in a flash! I wasn’t the only one that felt that way, right? After all the months of 2020 that seemed to draaaagggggg oooooonnnnnn…..November clipped along quick for me.

One more month left of 2020. One more month left of this temperature quilt project.

Let’s recap, shall we? The Temperature Legend I created back in January gives us our colors…

I chose to sew 2 hexies per day….one for the high temp and one for the low.

Weather wise, Oshkosh, Wisconsin was beautiful the Month of November

I was very happy to dip back into the greens….and I was quite surprised that we didn’t see a single shade of blue yet…

The Quilt to Date: January 2020- November 2020 in Hexie Color

I do just love to stare at it….

We’ve come so far….just one more month to go……

Since this last picture was taken…I’ve actually been working on the white hexie border…I know I won’t be finished when the end of 2020 gets here….since I need a border & a backing….AND to quilt…..but I’m still pretty impressed that I stuck with it!


hhhmmmmm…..wondering if I should take on a 2021 project like this? Any suggestions?

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