Calling All Sewists & Seamstresses: Face Masks Needed

Mask Facebook Post

I said I would let you know when I know.

Well, I know now.

I have been contacted by many friends and family to begin making masks.

Here is my request to you:  IF YOU SEW:

  • PLEASE go to the website/Facebook page of your local hospital and see if they have requests.  They will tell you if they are excepting homemade masks and specifics of pattern they want used
  • If you have a family member or friend that is a healthcare worker: ask them if they are in need and what pattern they are being told to use
  • If you have a family member or friend that is immunocompromised, ask them if they are in need


THERE ARE MANY HOSPITALS/CLINICS/SYSTEMS that are not excepting these masks at this time.


Here in Wisconsin, we are just now getting the GO AHEAD from some HealthCare systems to start making masks and donating them.

THEDACARE has requested masks made from this Pattern: VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE


Please refer to above page for the locations to donate


Froedtert Hospital Instructions:

3-25-20 Hand-Sewn Mask Instructions


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Make Your Own Boo-Boo Bags (Rice Freezer Bags)

My kiddos and I don’t start our Homeschool Journey until next week, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had lots of learning happening already.  In fact, I want to remind all of you out there in the Internets: I love seeing everyone’s schedules and ideas/tips/tricks/fun, and I will be sharing ours….However, please remember:  WE ONLY POST THE HIGHLIGHTS! I’m not sharing to make you feel bad because you didn’t let your kids so nuts with corn starch mud….or make a scavenger hunt for them….or to make you think I’m not losing my mind like the rest of you.  I’m just trying to stay positive.  We all need a little bit of that right now!

So, let’s see.  Our family of 6 have been “Social Distancing” ourselves since Friday.  We are on Day 7.  Since then, we’ve had 17 cases reported to be in need of a Boo-Boo Bag.

A Boo-Boo Bag?  It’s what we call our Rice Filled Freezer Bags that can be used on “OWWEEEE”s.   And, I am telling you, they are so easy to make, your 7 year old can do it!

Supplies Needed:

Cotton Fabric, Rice, Sewing Machine & Thread.  (Optional: Essential Oils for “Smell Goods”)


I hope you don’t mind…I’m not going to be super specific with measurements.  It really doesn’t matter at all.  Use what you have…I let my kids pick the fabric they wanted….and they all turned out to be different sizes.

You are going to sew the pieces together inside-out, and so you have 3 sides closed and one side open.

Flip it right-sides out.

“Fill” with rice.  I put fill in quotes, because you don’t want to fill it all the way….I recommend about 1/2 full (or less)  You want them to be very flexible and cushion-y

Then take the open ends and turn them into the inside…..

Sew it closed.  (Make sure you back-stitch at the beginning and end)

Put them in an air-tight bag or container and store in the freezer for the next “BOO-BOO”



  • Add Essential Oils to the rice for aromatherapy….you can also just drop some on bag and let dry.

  • Make LARGER bags for Adult size Boo-Boo’s

  • Use said Larger Bags as HOT PACKS by microwaving them for a couple minutes


I’d love to see if you make your own!  Please comment and show us!

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LadyBeez Designs response to COVID-19

Yes, you’ve heard from every business that you’ve ever been to…

AND every business you’ve ever mentioned in day-to-day conversation….

But, this is the time we live in.  As far as businesses go, we must keep our customers informed as to what is happening.  Are we staying open?  Are we closing down?

Ugh!  It’s all so hard!

Short and sweet:  I’m a home-based business, and I’m still in business!  I’ve actually designed some amazing pieces already in the last 2 days with some amazing ladies!  All virtually…from designing to fabric ordering.

All of my online fabric suppliers are still in business, and I’ve gotten shipments in record time…which even surprised me!  So, please, don’t hesitate to connect with me or take this time to shop from home!

I will be homeschooling our 4 children when the time comes.  Well, at least, I’ll be trying my best.  If this becomes too much for me along side my business, you will be the first to know!

Until then, I’ll be posting new designs as I make them…and as always, taking custom orders.

Now that that’s out of the way…’s what I made today:

This month’s March Meet the Maker on Instagram inspired me to Sew a Little Something for myself this morning…..and I’ve been holding on to this T-shirt for months.

While the kid’s got a “History” Lesson in the Great 1990’s of Cartoon Television known as “The Adventures of the Gummy Bears”  ,  I upcycled that beast into this:

Fitting, no?

And by Y’all….I mean Me…..

and Us.

God Bless You All!  Stay Safe Out There!


Million Baby Chicks Hoodie

Have you heard me reference the “Million Baby Chicks” Hoodie before?

It’s a design that has evolved into one of my most requested custom orders…but that’s not why I love it so much….

I love it so much because it allows me to mix and match different fabrics and make something completely unique.

I love it SO much because it is a product of multiple different patterns that I have mashed together.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH because it was born out of a custom request from a friend…and now NAMED by another one of my friends!

How fun, right?

It all started by a friend asking if I could make her a hoodie like a certain one she saw online.  I don’t even remember if it was from Pinterest or Facebook.  Either way, I was able to create one fairly similar.

Soon after that, I began getting more and more requests.

The “Million Baby Chicks” name came after I began using Double Brushed Poly for my main fabric choice…. well, I’ll just let my friend’s words speak for themselves:

“Yup! I’m never taking it off!  It feels like I’m wrapped in 1 million baby chicks.  SO SOFT!  If LadyBeez Designs hasn’t brought your dream into a reality, what are you waiting for?  Love it!!! Creative Genius!”

There are just so many options and combos with this hoodie.

I don’t know what I love more:  Designing them out of the scraps I have on hand, mixing and matching from a limited selection  OR  Designing them right along side my customers–letting them choose between different combos I put together virtually for them to see what’s possible.

At any rate, they sure are fun to create!  I will be posting a few Ready to Ship MBC Hoodie’s I made yesterday in my VIP group later this morning.  But, as always, I am open to custom orders!  Let me know if You would like me to design one for you!

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Tutorial: Sew a Custom Dog Collar

After having a request from one of my very loyal customers to make a custom dog collar, I went back and forth as to how I was going to tackle it.

Do I search for a pattern?

What if I make this and then other people are interested in ordering one?  (that’s usually my motivation for purchasing patterns)  I’m a stickler for reproducible results!

What I ended up deciding on was purchasing a collar and deconstructing it to make a new one.

The bonus to this method is:   1. You have a pattern.  2. You have all the “hardware” you’ll need.

Then, I thought, maybe my sewing friends would like to do this too!

So, here is a quick Tutorial for you to make your own custom dog collar

  1. Look for a collar you love.  Maybe it’s the one your dog is already wearing?  Maybe it’s a brand new one.  (as long as the “hardware” is good, they have collars everywhere…even the dollar store)
  2. Open the collar up and take a picture.  You’ll want this for reference when you are sewing your new collar back together.
  3. Cut off all the hardware

4. Measure the length of the collar all stretched out straight.

5. Choose the fabric you love.  My customer happens to LOVE Star Trek, so that’s what I used.  If your print is larger, you’ll have to pay attention to placement of the print.

6. You’ll cut your fabric 4x the width of the collar you are copying, and Add 1 inch onto the length.  (the collar I copied also had a tag ring, so I cut an extra piece to attach that)

7. Cut Iron-On interfacing 2″x Length of collar and iron it on down the center.

8. Fold your collar to the center twice so that it’s 4 layers.  You’ll also tuck in the ends so that they are finished nicely.  Sew around this whole piece with 1/8″ seam.

9. Reconstruct your collar by referencing the picture of the one you took apart.10. Pop that puppy on your Pup, and enjoy!

Just think of all the fun collars you can make for your Furry Friend!