Week 3 Sewing Challenge: Sew a Pattern you Own, but Haven’t Sewn

The biggest challenge this week was choosing one of the many MANY patterns I have purchased that I haven’t made yet.

What helped narrow down the large list?

Necessity. LOL!

We are currently remodeling our laundry/mud room and for most of the week our washer and dryer were disconnected.

Guess what I ran out of…..

So, thankfully, I had this underwear pattern in my arsenal. Chastity’s from CKC to the rescue this week!

And…..since I have plenty of MILLION BABY CHICKS fabric (double brushed poly) scraps….I used those to make myself a few more!

I wasn’t expecting all the excitement I received when I posted about these….but since many of you asked, I did make a listing for you to purchase a 5 pack of your very own. (or you can just click on the SHOP button up top)

Comfy bums for all!


Week 2 Sewing Challenge: WIP/UFO

When I saw this prompt on the list for challenges… I had no idea what they were talking about.

So, to save you a Google search… WIP stands for “work in progress”, and UFO stands for “unfinished object”.

After cleaning and organizing my sewing studio last week, I came across this whole bin of unfinished objects. What was crazy about it: a lot of them I remembered but there were a few in there that I had no idea were started and not finished.

Soooo this week I took a day to finish some of these items… It was an interesting journey, to say the least.

You see, two of these items were not started by me. Two of these skirts were started by my mother. I don’t know how long ago that would’ve been… Since she passed away in October 2017… It was before then. But I would have to say some of these were started in 2012 or before.

I can’t even describe how this feels. My mom and I both worked on these pieces….

I guess it’s just bittersweet.


These other three pieces I remember starting myself….but some might be as old as 2010…..

It’s so weird that I took so long to finish them. If you want to know why…..well, your guess is as good as mine…



A little sadness.


Week 2 Sewing Challenge complete.

Also a WIP…..if you click on that Shop button, it no longer drives you to My Etsy Shop but to the shop on This Website! Hoping to add more to that soon!


A is for Aylah: CKC Sew the Alphabet

Remember when I said I don’t do resolutions?

Well, this is where I find myself at the beginning of a new year… Signing up for yet another challenge.

I attempted this one last year with CKC’s ABC character sew-a-long. and you saw I made it all the way to letter C! Super impressive, no?

Well, since I did so well last year in following through with my Hexie temperature quilt… I am going to try another challenge as well.

One of my favorite pattern companies is having an alphabet sew-a-long … They have a schedule where every two weeks a letter is posted & participants sew a pattern that begins with that letter.

My personal goal is to sew one of their patterns that I own, but have not sewn up yet. Yes, that means I have probably every letter of the alphabet in patterns of things I have yet to try and sew. Don’t judge me.

For A I chose Aylah’s Knit Twirly Skirt because it is an awesome stash buster for me, and after last weeks 52 weeks sewing challenge, I found a lot of scraps I need to bust.

I had some help with this: I asked Georgia if she wanted to help me make her a new skirt… This girl. If you are a personal friend of ours or you have followed LadyBeez business, our children have been modeling for me their whole lives…

This one, however, certainly has the posing thing down. On top of that she is quite the little designer. So apart from me actually sewing this together, she picked out and arranged all the fabrics.

Oh this mama’s heart. It’s so bittersweet watching your little girl grew up before your eyes. I wish I could freeze time……


Temperature Quilt: December 2020

We did it!

We made it through the whole year of 2020! Have you taken the adequate time to celebrate this accomplishment? I’m serious. Remember back to the days when we thought that year would never end???? Well, it did. And if you’re reading this, you are on the other side!

I loved writing these blog posts to look back and see each month in color. No matter what crazy thing was happening, this quilt made me happy.

Let’s take a look at that Temperature Legend again, shall we?

December finally brought with it more blues! I loved working with some different colors again! I don’t think I’ve ever prayed for colder weather in my life…..but I did in December 2020, and it was solely for the purpose of this quilt.

After I finished the color hexies for the month….and before I took these pics…..I was so excited to get this project completed that I really started trying to knock out the white border hexies. It’s so pretty seeing it all come together!

THIS IS IT! ALL THE HIGHS and LOWS (temperature wise) of 2020 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Now this is the point that I would normally do a recap and show the “Watch Me Grow” progession through each month……but I’m not gonna do that this time.


Well, I have lots still to do. I have to finish the border, decide what I want for the backing, quilt and bind.

Now, who thinks this will all actually get completed by the end of 2021????


Temperature Quilt: November 2020

ahhh….November….you’ve come and gone in a flash! I wasn’t the only one that felt that way, right? After all the months of 2020 that seemed to draaaagggggg oooooonnnnnn…..November clipped along quick for me.

One more month left of 2020. One more month left of this temperature quilt project.

Let’s recap, shall we? The Temperature Legend I created back in January gives us our colors…

I chose to sew 2 hexies per day….one for the high temp and one for the low.

Weather wise, Oshkosh, Wisconsin was beautiful the Month of November

I was very happy to dip back into the greens….and I was quite surprised that we didn’t see a single shade of blue yet…

The Quilt to Date: January 2020- November 2020 in Hexie Color

I do just love to stare at it….

We’ve come so far….just one more month to go……

Since this last picture was taken…I’ve actually been working on the white hexie border…I know I won’t be finished when the end of 2020 gets here….since I need a border & a backing….AND to quilt…..but I’m still pretty impressed that I stuck with it!


hhhmmmmm…..wondering if I should take on a 2021 project like this? Any suggestions?