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Studio Spotlight: First steps of Organization

IMMA try my best to make this a weekly check-in to let you behind the scenes into my sewing studio…  it’s purpose is two-fold, really.

  1. I LOVE to see the behind the scenes of people’s creative spaces!  SO, I’m “giving back” by letting you into mine.  We can learn so much from each other as far as organization (of which I NEED a ton of help) and inspiration!
  2. This will keep my studio space moving forward.  I often only take time to create, and then my studio turns into a terrible mess.  I want to hold myself accountable by sharing my process/progress with you!


First things first….I HAVE to tackle all the clutter….but, as I said it. is. very. messy.  So, in order to stop myself from getting overwhelmed and giving up, I am giving myself time to go through and do it right.

This shelf was my first eye sore that I posted on IG for all the world to see.  You can’t even imagine the disaster that lies behind me in this shot.  (I’ll get to that….eventually)

God Bless the Dollar Tree and their plastic bins!

I also tackled my scrap cotton, fleece, and flannel fabric that was EVERYWHERE!  Here are the bins that had to go……


I was able to get rid of about 60% of this by donating to local schools, our church, and friends…next stop, individual teachers that need arts & craft supplies!


And while I love all this new order in my life…..I have to tell you, Organization & Purging is NOT my strength.  So, I was pretty proud of myself.  I thought I desired a reward (or three 😉 )

My two chairs got face lifts thanks to Amazon!  (Bonus: now that I have an example of what I need to cover them….when I get sick of these covers, I can sew some of my own!)

Office Chair Cover you can find here 

And, hold on to your 70’s loving heart…cuz I covered this bad boy up too with a s;ipcover like this one

Now, probably the simplest thing….but something that has seriously changed my sewing LIFE: this ruler tape  I put it right in front of me on my sewing table.  MIND BLOWN!  Do you know how many times I have to get up to measure something????  Me either.  I lose track, and this little tape has brought me more joy in the last 3 days that I can even describe.

And, that’s it for this week!  I’d love to hear your organizational tips! I could use all the encouragement I can get!


Shop Talk

What’s Up with this Auction stuff?


It’s my Birthday Month….and now it’s my birthday WEEK!  HOLLA!!!!!

I wanted to take a moment and explain all the good things I’ve got planned for you with the beginning of this new season in our lives.  The school year is always crazy busy and stressful and new and exciting…and this year, for the 1st time in 12 years, I am child-free during all of the school hours.  (well, unless one of our 4 cherubs gets sick or I am volunteering or field tripping)  So, on the days that I am not resting up from working night shift in da lab….I. AM. SSSSSEEEEEWWWWWIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!

It’s glorious.

What this means is more goodies for you!  YAY!  Everybody wins!

You may recall I was pondering ways to grow my business, but also streamline the process more.  This might be a surprise that I added another venue to my sales platform, but I promise it means lots of good things for us all.

What I am referring to is: Red Rose Auction House

It’s a multi-vendor auction page hosted on Facebook that I joined the beginning of September.  Basically, it is the place I will post all my sales, auctions, deals, and steals….and as a few of you have already been blessed with  (there are STEALS over there!)  Everything I post will be well under retail price….so get over there if you want some LadyBeez Designs at killer prices.  Once the sale or auction is over, those items will return to regular price and be listed in my Etsy shop.  Make sense?

Added bonus:  all the other vendors have ADORABLE items too!  And GREAT quality!  I have been bidding and winning items as a customer for almost a year and have scored the most amazing bows, necklaces, earrings, cups, decor items, and more!

Quick Recap:

LadyBeez Designs FB Page to stay in the Loop with all the things

Red Rose Auction House for Flash Sales and Auctions

VIP Group for preorders and exclusive buys (like today I posted a couple Packer items at 1/2 time of the game)

LadyBeez Etsy Shop for Ready to Ship and Made to Order Listings

AND, as always, message me for custom orders.  You know I love those! 😉


Shop Talk

Going on Hiatus….

Life is FULL!

I would love to not have to start every blog post with “It’s been awhile…”, but until I find the secret to pause the passage of time….my blog posts will be infrequent.

I want to move this business forward, and to do so I know changes need to be made.  I plan on spending the next month or so enjoying our family….so there will be even less sewing/blogging/posting before I begin fresh.

I have many ideas of where I want to take LadyBeez Designs.  I’d like to gather all my thoughts and make a clear business plan before I relaunch….I’m thinking August….

That’s the beauty of owning your own business.  You get to decide.

That is also the stressful part.  YOU HAVE to decide.  Everything falls on your shoulders. Your mind…your heart.

Creating LadyBeez Designs has been my greatest creative outlet.  I love almost every part of it.  It’s the parts that add stress to my already very busy life that I need to iron out.

Please do not worry….many things will not change.

If you have orders placed with me, they will be completed.  I have a handful of custom orders that I will finish up, but I will not be taking any more new orders until August at the earliest.

One of my largest issues is keeping track of requests/orders.  Between Etsy, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, PayPal, Instagram, Messenger, Personal Texts, and IRL….I have questions and requests coming at me all the time.  It’s very difficult to have back and forth conversations for custom orders on all these platforms without losing track of them.

I need an organizational plan.  I need SOPs.  (Lol!  If my husband ever reads this, I will never admit to writing that)  No, honestly, if you see my sewing studio, you will know what I mess I can be when it comes to my creative process…..BUT I’m a scientist at heart, so I am VERY precise and follow strictly to procedures.   It’s left/right brain battle all the time y’all.  (also, I’m not Southern, and never use that in spoken word…I sure do love to type it though)

Yikes!  all of this to say….I’m taking a break from new orders…. I will probably still post pics of things I make and do with my family.  And, I am totally down for suggestions if you know of ways to streamline the business side of this gig.  (social media gurus, apps, free maid services, etc.) So, I’m not really signing off completely…

oh, AND before I do, I’ll be posting our latest family project this week 🙂