Week 2 Sewing Challenge: WIP/UFO

When I saw this prompt on the list for challenges… I had no idea what they were talking about.

So, to save you a Google search… WIP stands for “work in progress”, and UFO stands for “unfinished object”.

After cleaning and organizing my sewing studio last week, I came across this whole bin of unfinished objects. What was crazy about it: a lot of them I remembered but there were a few in there that I had no idea were started and not finished.

Soooo this week I took a day to finish some of these items… It was an interesting journey, to say the least.

You see, two of these items were not started by me. Two of these skirts were started by my mother. I don’t know how long ago that would’ve been… Since she passed away in October 2017… It was before then. But I would have to say some of these were started in 2012 or before.

I can’t even describe how this feels. My mom and I both worked on these pieces….

I guess it’s just bittersweet.


These other three pieces I remember starting myself….but some might be as old as 2010…..

It’s so weird that I took so long to finish them. If you want to know why…..well, your guess is as good as mine…



A little sadness.


Week 2 Sewing Challenge complete.

Also a WIP…..if you click on that Shop button, it no longer drives you to My Etsy Shop but to the shop on This Website! Hoping to add more to that soon!

Sewing Studio

Week 1 Sewing Challenge: Organizing My Space


In 2020 I challenged myself to the Daily Temperature Quilt….and I am so proud that I did it. I hand stitched 2 hexies for every day of the year and made it into a quilt.

(I promise…..I will post the update for December 2020 very soon)

BUT It’s 2021 NOW!

I was talking to a good friend about goals and resoultions…..and I was explaining to her that I don’t make them. I feel like I’ve “failed” one to many times.

HOWEVER, I DO sign up for challenges (or start challenges for myself) in my sewing business.

So, here we are.

I joined a 52 week Sewing Challenge for 2021.

After last year’s challenge, I figured this one would be pretty easy!


One of our daughters LOVES the rainbow. She sorts everything into Rainbow order…..and I get it. It sure makes everything more cheerful!

I don’t think I’ve seen this much of my sewing desk since 2014…

I also began organizing my PDF printed pattern pieces. I have to say “began” since I have two piles to sort yet….but this is a great start. They are all folded into Manilla folders, labeled on the outside with the pattern name, and stored in my Upcycled Bathroom vanity that I’ve been using the last 6 years…..again, it hasn’t been this clean…..since 2014

This picture also shows my “Ready for Upcycling” cabinet on the left. The top doors close off the adult shirts & fabric panels, the bottom bins are children’s sizes, sorted by size.

ahhhhh….THE FABRIC.

Knit in rolls on the left…..Woven wrapped around comic cardboards on the right

The other side of the cutting table….and more pattern storage

(note all the scissors….I believe I found 12 pair when cleaning this space)

It’s just so pretty all cleaned up and spiffy!

and one more step back…..

So, I would say:

WEEK 1: Organize your Space….CHALLENGE ACCEPTED…..


I still have a long ways to go.

I haven’t shown the full studio, because I have scrap fabric coming OUT OF MY EARS! I save everything! It’s a blessing and a curse….so hopefully I will get a lot of that used up in the month of January. 🙂 But, apart from that, this is a HUGE LEAP in the right direction for me. I’m not a “clean” and “organized” person by nature….so I will TOOT all the HORNS and be proud of myself this week.

HAPPY 2021, my friends!