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The Common Table Prayer: Free Printable

I didn’t forget to post this morning….I was just contemplating what I wanted to say.

I have often been found making jokes over the past week regarding the rapidly evolving Coronavirus situation.  I do that.  Call it a coping mechanism…or whatever you want.  It’s how I do life.

I’m not going to get into what I think about whether it’s overblown, not being taken seriously enough, or if my family has enough toilet paper to make it through the next few weeks.  (I do know I have plenty of scrap fabric….so we’ll be good, I think)

If you have questions or concerns, I DO suggest you look to the CDC (they are called the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL for a reason)  If you want a more personal opinion: see how your friend or family member that is a Health Care Professional is living their life and taking care of their family.  We go about this the same way…all the time.  We go to work, deal with the diseases everyday, and wash our hands a lot.

What I WILL say is this is the first time my husband and I have discussed the spread of disease and germs so thoroughly with our children. (with the exception of when my mom was sick and couldn’t come visit)  We don’t get to protect them from the world around us…the world and it’s problems will find them.  So we make sure we are part of their safe place and sounding board.

As we sat around our dinner table last night….

we discussed what’s happening, and some of the possibilities of what is to come….

and We Prayed.

We prayed the Common Table Prayer and Return Thanks that we do every sit-down meal.  If you’ve prayed this prayer before, it’s likely you rush through and never give it another thought….but I urge you to slow down.

Ponder each line.

It’s so good.

It’s so NEEDED.

And that is why I knew I needed to share this project I made back in July of 2012 with you.  Please feel free to print and use in your own home.  The Super Large Framed version is what’s hanging in our kitchen right


CIRCA July 17, 2012 from my previous blog:

I have a great idea for some artwork for our Kitchen Dining Area…but I needed to first make the Subway Art Print.

While I was at it, I thought I’d share 🙂  It’s a 4×6 jpeg….but think how fun it would be printed out 2ft. x 3ft.!

The Common Table Prayer:

Black & White



White & Black



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Flashback Friday: Lucky Craft from the Vault

One of the things I am most excited about is sharing with you some of my old blog posts from “For What It’s Worth…or Not” from way back when…
So, on Fridays I’m going to treat you to some Flashbacks!
It’s crazy to think that this was originally publish on March 8, 2011.
NINE YEARS AGO?!?!?!  woah. that can’t be, I remember this so vividly….
At any rate, here you go….no editing, just raw content here.  I totally STILL have this frame, and it’s part of my yearly March decor. 🙂
Find an early-90’s Home Interior Special picture frame
(or any old frame you are not particularly fond of)
and paint it Green
Pick up some wooden letters at your local craft store
These came in a pack of 2….
so a lucky someone is going to get a surprise from me soon
Paint them Green
Make the U into a Horseshoe by drawing a little design
(Hint: if you go with a lighter green, you can use a permanent marker to draw on it, otherwise, you’ll have to use a paint pen or paintbrush)
Arrange your letters in any way you’d like on a piece of cardstock
I used the “LOVE” sign as inspiration
Place in your frame, and show off your last-minute creativity
If you don’t make this craft you will have 7 years of bad luck and every time you wear the color green a bird will poop on your head….even in the middle of winter.
Just Kidding!
(it will only be 6 years)


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Fill The Truck: Felt Shamrocks

Last year as I was perusing down the Christmas clearance aisles….I came upon this beautiful vintage red truck that screamed out to my Hallmark heart!  I believe it was filled with a “sack of hot cocoa” when I bought it.

Now, normally, I take after-season-clearance deals and pack them away with my like-seasonal decor so that when the holiday rolls around again I get surprised by new things!  It’s like buying yourself a gift that you can still be surprised by!  (can you tell I don’t receive many gifts from other people very often?)

Well, since my Hallmark LOVE cannot not be contained to the Christmas season….this truck is part of my home decor all year round.

So, I need it to “haul” things for different seasons/holidays.

For MARCH….I needed: Shamrocks, of course!

I tried a few different projects, but couldn’t find one I liked more than these quick felt Shamrocks.

I was going to do a tutorial, but Lauren over at Molly and Mama did such a fantastic job, you can head over there if you need the step by step.

I did have take a few of my “ugly” first drafts and add buttons to the center to clean them up a bit…

And now, my Hallmark Truck is ALL READY for March!

(P.S. Hallmark’s Spring Fever movies start premiering on the 29th this year if you’re wondering)

What did you say?  You don’t have a truck like this to fill?   ….and you are looking for one to add to your decor

Well, you’re in LUCK!  I took the liberty of “shopping” for ya 😉  You know…just in case…even found you a few color options 😉 You’re welcome! SHOP HERE

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Tutorial: No Sew Braided Rainbow Rug

No Sew Braided Rug Tutorial

I don’t know who was more excited about this rug….me or my girls?

It has ALL my favorite things in it:

  1.  I was able to make it completely from supplies that I had on hand.
  2. A TOTAL Scrap BUSTER! I save every piece of fabric…from every project.  I have years of memories in my scrap bins, but a MESS of a Sewing Studio that I am determined to get organized.
  3. It’s RAINBOW!  Every beautiful color…and it makes me smile.
  4. NO SEW! I love sewing, but sometimes a girl just wants her glue gun, ya know?

I started this over a year ago…my oldest daughter asked for a rainbow rug for her and her sister’s room.  After looking at the options to purchase a rug, I decided we didn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a rug that, let’s face it, someone’s going to pee spill on at some point.

Turns out, I had PLENTY of scrap fabric that needed to be used, so off I went and started braiding.

If you have a TON of hot glue & you can braid (and have a bunch of fabric to rip up), you can make this too!

You don’t need a sewing machine AT ALL.  I mean, you could sew this together if you wanted to…but I chose to go with hot glue…you do you, I won’t judge.

Are you READY to Make one of these Masterpieces????

1 1/2 (or more) yards of FELT:  depending on how large you want your rug.  (Remember, I said I used my scraps, so I went with Red…I would probably go with that again even if I had to purchase)
Strips of Fabric in 4 inch widths:  I ripped the fabric apart to make it faster.  BLEW my kids minds when I showed them how woven fabric rips right along the grainline once you start with a little cut.  They loved helping with this part.  Also, found it fascinating how different fabrics made different sounds when ripping
Hot Glue Gun & LOADS OF GLUE STICKS: I recommend getting the large sticks…this will take a LOT of glue .  Just make sure you grab the right size (width) for the glue gun you own
CLIPS of some SORT: to hold the ends of your braids while you work.


I’m going to show you how I made mine.  There are obviously many ways you can vary this project…that’s what so fun about the creative process!


  1. Start with the RED….Cut or RIP (my preferred method) your fabrics in 4 inch widths. Clip 3 strips together and start BRAIDING! It’s actually best of the strips are NOT the same length….this is important for when we have to attach the next strip.
  2. When one Strip gets short, you’ll take another strip of fabric and tie a knot to strand them together. (if all the knots fall in the same place, it will be too bulky and harder to hide while braiding)
  3. Then Just KEEP BRAIDING, JUST KEEP BRAIDING….BRAIDING….BRAIDING….BRAIDING….you’ll braiding for days! (or if you’re like me, years!……I may have started this project before last Christmas 😉 I PROMISE you, once you get into it, I won’t take that long…in fact, you’ll be able to see where I left off and where I picked it up when we get to that part.
  4. When you’re ready to switch colors, simply start tying the new color in. My Georgia told me she loved how I transitioned each color by gradually adding the next color: I had 3 reds…and then 2 reds and 1 Orange…then 2 Orange and 1 Red….Then 3 Orange….and so on!
  5. My method was to BRAID ALL of the rug before I started gluing. I haven’t decided yet if this was the right move. What happens is: it twists….and there’s a lot of maneuvering to straighten it if you don’t glue it down as you go. But I also loved to look at it all jumbled up!
  6. When you are ready to assemble your rug, you will lay down a piece of felt. (if you’re not familiar, you are able to purchase felt by the yard) I started with a square piece of felt. Glued the start of the braid in the center and began my circle….hot gluing it all down as I went around…and as my rug grew, I simply cut more felt and hot glued it to the first piece.
  7. Continue attaching more felt to the base as it gets bigger, this part doesn’t have to be pretty…you won’t see it.
  8. This is strictly assemble and access as you go. When I felt it was ready for the next color I switched! When I started, I was braiding very tightly…so you see the RED-ORANGE-YELLOW looks a bit “cleaner”….turns out though, if I make this again, I prefer the looser braid, as it’s more comfortable and squishy when you walk on it 🙂
  9. Watch it grow!savingpng-7



I’m excited to try different things with my next braided rug! I might try using knit fabric….maybe assemble in a back-n-forth pattern to make a rectangular shape instead of circle….hmmmmm….the possibilities! I’m going to have to figure out something because the boys want one for their room now too! Maybe Denim? I could use all those jeans they rip holes in!

Okay, one more pic before I go….

Easy peasy, no?

I’d love to see yours if you make one!



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Patriotic Pop-Up Remodel

I know I haven’t used this platform for much besides LadyBeez Designs sewing business, but I think in the future that might change….and since I spent many years sharing a lot of DIY/personal projects with the world on my first blog, I thought, why not meld all my creative love up into one central spot.   So there you have it.

Hold on to your Happy Camper Hearts….I’m about to start of with a BANG with this reveal.

Our family bought a Pop-Up Camper 3 years ago. After a life of tent camping, I was over it.  Plus, I had been around the DIY world long enough to get the POP-UP Remodel bug.  Who doesn’t love a huge project added to their lives?  Thankfully I am married to really handy (and handsome) man that shares these desires too 😉

Once upon a time, we bought this Jayco looking like this:

It actually wasn’t in bad shape at all.  The only thing I did the first year was recover the cushions.

We camped a couple times, and it was fine.  Just fine.  Due to life’s ups and very low downs the past 2 years, last summer we didn’t use it at all.  The kids were bummed.

So, all this winter/spring we assured them that this summer we’d do more camping….to do that, however, we really wanted to make it great.  With all the extra snow this spring though, we didn’t pull it out of storage until May…and we didn’t even pop it up until the beginning of June!  Everything you will see here has been accomplished this month.  Sorry, but this very fact just dawned on me when looking up the pictures.  I can’t believe we made this all come together in less than a month.  What a whirlwind!

The first thing we did was rip out all the fabric: ALL the curtains and cushions came out.  (musty smell. ugh.)   I knew I didn’t want to keep any of it, so I didn’t bother washing it.  I did save it all to use as templates for the new versions though.

Then, the next day I was like, well, if you’re going to paint it, you might as well do it now….so one morning, I took off all the doors/cabinets (with the help of Georgia) and painted everything.  I ended up using Chalk paint (3 coats) with 2-3 coat of polyurethane as a top coat on all of the wood surfaces. I had already done cabinet paint on our kitchen cabinets, but I thought chalk paint would cover this faux wood better…..turns out I needed just as many coats with both.  So, whatever.  It’s all done now.

The counter tops.  Randy and I actually talked about doing this faux granite treatment in our kitchen, so we figured this would be a perfect trial run to see how easy/hard it was AND test the durability….so we splurged a bit to buy a kit.  If you’re interested in the exact one, we went with Giani Counter Top Paint in Bombay Black. Honestly, it was SUPER easy, and for now it looks awesome.  Time will tell how it holds up!

The Flooring.  This was the vinyl planking from Menards we had left over from our home remodel, and Randy was very eager to install it.  (this is not sarcasm)  I’m actually very impressed with how quickly he finished it.  That’s how I knew he was as excited as I was to see the camper completed.  Isn’t it dreamy?!?!

The FABRIC.  This is where I knew I could have fun.  To say that this process only took a few weeks is a lie.  I’ve been going back and forth with fabric and color ideas since we bought the camper.  I knew I wanted a Patriotic theme.  I just wasn’t sure how Bold I was willing to be.  Ugh. Life choices are hard.  I LOVED the stars and stripes print with the barn board, but again, I didn’t want it to be too much, so I decided to just do the seat backs and pair with the solid navy for the seat cushions.

I went with the stars on navy for the side curtains by the beds….and for the main curtains…..I had so many versions in my head.  I’m glad I waited it out though, because what I was originally going to do is Red/White stripe curtains made of duct cloth, until it dawned on me that they wouldn’t be as functional as Blackout curtains (to keep out sun/heat…plus they would probably fade)   So, what I ended up doing was purchasing clearance BLACK OUT curtains from Shopko (farewell, old friend)  and cutting them in half….which ended up being too short so I added the navy trim.  Double bonus, they are neutral enough that they won’t assault your eyes!

Fun fact: those curtain tabs are CRAZY expensive to replace, so I just cut the strip off of the old curtains and sewed them on the new ones!  The valances were also a last minute decision.  I didn’t think I wanted them when we ripped the old ones off, but they really finish the look off, and I love the retro feel of the red and white gingham!

Bedding:  I found these red sheets at Walmart for a really good deal.  The kids all got their own blankets (not pictured…but they are red and blue) and we had an old comforter in navy that we’ll use on our side.


THE TABLE TOP.  I can’t even with this.  Randy keeps reminding me it’s his favorite part too– I don’t hate that.  🙂 I had the vision, and thanks to our very good friend/cousin who had some extra, amazing maps…I was able to make it happen.  That’s a beautiful 1976 National Geographic Magazine Map of the Good ol’ USA.

I ModPodged it onto the table…on 0 hours of sleep one afternoon, and ended up royally messing up WISCONSIN of all spots.  ( I almost cried.  no seriously, do not craft on zero sleep.  it ain’t pretty)  Thankfully, after opening up the bag o’ beautiful maps we were gifted, I found an ’84 version that was relatively identical.   A light modpodge grafting surgery, and we were back in business.

Crafter’s Best Friend, no?

I mean……Can you see it?

The next day was the moment of truth though.  I embarked on my first Poly Resin experience. {BIG thanks to many a crafter I found on YouTube for their help} Only thing I would do differently was have a blow torch or heat gun for a large project like this….I stood over this thing forEVER with a little fire starter trying to take care of all the bubbles!  It’s not a perfect finish….but it’s still pretty darn cool looking.

Camping Maps:  Another use for MAPS!  Here’s where we’ll mark the places we will camp!  Super excited to use this with the kids!  We’ve already been searching for places on the table top!  The wooden USA map and the framed board were Hobby Lobby finds…and the Wisconsin/UP Map is just laminated from the MAP Fairy I told you about earlier.

NEW ADDITION:  a New Fridge.  The refrigerator was never functional, so we took that guy out and searched FB Marketplace for a replacement…..I really wanted a chalkboard to change up and add decor to it.  I found this Chalkboard vinyl which was perfect to not add any bulk to

the fridge.

One more little reminder of the before and after

I can’t wait to add more as we build memories as a family <3  and we finished just in time for our first camping trip of the summer!

Happy Trails to You…and US!