Day 1 of 12 days of Christmas Givaways


These 12 days are going to be way more fun than I ever imagined!

Music has always been a big part of my life. My mom loved it. We sang a lot of it. Especially Christmas….

And on the flip side, my dad’s birthday is Christmas Day…..so basically, I had no chance. I embrace all the Christmas love and traditions!

I’ll get to the Day one winner in just a bit…first I have to say I was very surprised at all the common Christmas music favorites! I guess those albums and artists are just THE BEST! Also I HUGE thank for all the new (to me) suggestions….I’m growing my collection as we speak!

Side note…I was blessed to be at the Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant Christmas concert last night. AAAHHHHHMAZING!!!!!

There are were, however, a couple of my FAVES that were not mentioned, so I must share:

ALL of the GLEE CAST Christmas Albums

The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack

Chris Young “It Must Be Christmas”

Okay, on to the WINNER of the Infinity Scarf….I went Old school as I had to pull from Instagram and Facebook

Miss Georgia pulled this morning……


Stay Tuned for Day 2!

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