Day 6 of the 12 Days of Giveaways

I’m always amazed at how different families carry out traditions in their own special ways! St. Nick’s Night is probably the most fascinating too me.

I have a very strong German heritage in both sides of my family….as well as my husband’s. If I remember correctly, they used shoes… I grew up using stockings (except I’m pretty sure my dad hung up men’s tube socks with an orange, a popcorn ball, a candy cane, and peanuts more than once) 🤪😂

Our focus of Christmas is always celebrating the gift of Jesus Christ being born. Our children know that’s the most important gift of all.

However, I do believe in the wonder and magic and fun of the season. So I’ll continue the St. Nick tradition for as long as I’m able. (Just keep your elves on your own shelves! 🤪).

On to the winner:

@Loveisbeatleful on Instagram Wins choice of BeezLegz!!

Stay tuned for Day 7

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