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Love Under the Rainbow: Hallmark Movie Review

On Wednesdays we Watch Hallmark.

Let’s be honest though….I watch Hallmark on more than just Wednesdays (I mean, just wait until the Countdown to Christmas begins again)  So, I guess it’s more accurate to say, “On Wednesdays we Talk Hallmark”

If you’re here for sewing and craft talk, you’ll have to power through today.  Who knows you might be a closeted Hallmark junkie too. If you’ve joined me from my Hallmark Movie Showdown group…..or that sounds like something you’d like to hear more about….Wednesdays are going to be YOUR JAM on this blog.

Right now, we are experiencing a drought of sorts on the Hallmark Movie Channels….no new premieres until March 28th when they launch Spring Fever.  I am struggling with the wait.  Thankfully, on Sling TV, I  have been able to catch up on movies I haven’t seen before.

This one fit in right in along with the time of year….so I squealed with joy when it finally was available.


Love Under the Rainbow

I had high hopes immediately when I saw that my girl, Jodie Sweetin, was the leading lady.  STEPHANIE!!!! (for all the Full House fans)

I have loved every Hallmark Movie that she has been in…..

Here’s what she brings: superior acting compared to most Hallmark leads.  Maybe it’s just me, but she just comes off more natural: Her delivery & Her chemistry with all other people on the show. That being said, this ended up being my least favorites of the Hallmark movies she’s starred in.

The subject matter of this movie was tough for me.  I know a lot of Hallmark films address the loss of a parent, but not all of them have it as the main story line.  Jack (the widower) played his part so well….complete with avoidance and anger.  This is the part that made this very different from many Hallmark movies.  It made it more realistic, but harder to wrap up in a pretty package like Hallmark usually likes to present.

The little girl, Sophie, was ADORABLE!  and the RAINBOWS …oh, my goodness. I am going to re-watch this one with my kids because my Rainbow LOVING girl will FLIP OUT over that scene in the meadow!!!!

So here’s how I’m going to break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
Lucky & Jackie were so into each other and had so many cute moments! I would have loved to give it 5, but it felt too rushed at the end with how strongly Jack pushed back during “the conflict”
Hit me right where it hurts….but it was good. Just felt a little rushed
Sophie was Amazing. Her love of Rainbows made me want to make all of her crafts! I was fairly certain I knew where they were going with it, and I was expecting it…just rather abrupt.
FEELS ❤️ ❤️❤️
Great chemistry. There were a few pretty intense moments. Funny inside jokes. THAT RAINBOW SCENE in the meadow left me in complete awe. But when it was suppose to be super sad, I didn’t cry. Maybe it was the fast gut check to Jack being angry.
I wouldn’t really say there was a big surprise….it followed the basic Hallmark Movie recipe
14/25 ❤️. Would recommend…but I am only watching again if my kiddos are around to show them the Rainbows!

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