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Studio Spotlight: Organizing PDF Patterns…a start

This week started off with big plans and high hopes for tackling my patterns.

For those of you who may not sew….and therefore don’t understand why my patterns are a bunch of papers:  I prefer digital PDF patterns to the old school “brown tissue paper in a package” you purchase from the store.

  1. They are more sturdy– Not easily ripping/tearing.
  2. They can be re-printed as many times as you’d like
  3. Some pattern designers even have them made in layers–so only one size can be chosen to print at a time.

The downside to them: they are little more bulky than traditional patterns, so they don’t “fold up” as small.

So, I end up with lots and LOTS of situations like this.

I’ve scoured the internet for all the ways other sewists organize their patterns, and honestly, up until this point I haven’t found anything that make sense for me.  Sure, there are multiple neat and tidy ideas, but they all seem too “put away” for my liking.

So….for now…..I’ve decided my organizational plan is going to be Manilla Folders labeled with the name of the pattern on the outside.  And put into categories by Pattern Type

  • Women’s
  • Men/Boys
  • Girls Dresses
  • Girls Tops
  • Girls Bottoms


I don’t have them all sorted yet but, it’s a start.

Looks like I’ll have a house full of helpers for the next few weeks….so perhaps the sewing studio will get more love from the kids too!


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