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Hallmark Movies 2020: Quarantine Edition

Another Wednesday, another Hallmark chat here.  🙂

Man, it’s been hard to catch up on my Hallmark movies!  I didn’t get to see all the Spring Fling offerings, and since I have to wait until they become available on Sling TV again, I’ve had to resort to re-watching a few movies from the past.  I’ve even come across a couple I haven’t seen yet….which has been a very pleasant surprise, indeed.

What I’m here to talk about though, is the FUTURE of Hallmark Movies….

Have you seen the meme traveling around Facebook?


Many people shared or tagged me in it….my husband even shared it to my wall.  So, obviously, word is getting around that I’m “into” Hallmark, I guess?  OH BOY!  I snickered when I read this…but then, I seriously considered it.  What if they can’t film Hallmark Christmas movies this year?!?!?  What will I EVER DO?!?!

As with many of these “What Ifs” we’ve been faced with this year….I’m going to not think about it.  It’s out of my control….I must soldier on.

But Maybe….just Maybe….some movies would look a bit like this…..

Flip that Marriage

Not only are they both working from home together, but Rachel and Hank decided to tackle a few home DIY projects during the pandemic.  Will their marriage fall apart like their homemade furniture?  Will they learn to love again while they put the pieces back together?  


appetite for love (1)

Becky was beside herself when restaurants were ordered to close.  She had just opened her dream bakery, and now a pandemic shut those dreams down.  While trying to stay afloat, her curbside to-go business had one mysterious repeat customer.  She may not have been able to see his face…but those eyes were unforgettable!  What was this handsome stranger doing with thousands of dollars of baked goods a day?  Was he sweet on more than just her cupcakes?


Delivering Love

Mary never did like Christmas.  It always reminded her of what she lost.  The “Safer at Home” order was exactly what she needed to lock out Christmas this year.  Gabriel, everyone’s favorite delivery man, noticed there was only house on his route that wasn’t decorated with Christmas lights.  After asking around, Gabriel made it his Christmas Messenger duty to deliver some Christmas cheer to this house….but would that be all he delivered?  After 12 days of Surprise Christmas Deliveries…Gabriel and Mary just might find themselves more than just presents under the tree this year…

No Sustitution for love

Maggie was so tired of Grocery Store Pick-Up always leaving things off her order.  It seemed she was missing items or needed substitutions with every single trip.  One day she got so frustrated, she demanded to speak to a manager….which only made it worse!  Mr. Manager didn’t take her seriously at all!  He thought he was so charming and cute…(I mean, maybe he was…but that’s not the point)  Her next Grocery Pick-up…and every one after, Mr. Manager personally delivered to her car….and when she got home: No Missing items, no substitutions, and a single rose.  Her weekly Grocery Pick-Up became less maddening…..turns out, Mr. Manager has a name…and an ulterior motive for “No Substitutions”


Oh my goodness, I need to stop.  This was too much fun!  Don’t judge my photoshop skills…I was going for perfection, and I ain’t got time for more.

I have NO affiliations to Hallmark (Officially), unless, of course, they want to use these Plot Lines for a new series for 2020.  If that’s the case, call me!

Tell me!  Do YOU have any Pandemic Plot Lines?  I’d love to hear them!

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