2020: Year in Review

We made it!

The year that crawled by month-by-month…and then, at least for me, SPRINTED across the finish line.

I always like looking back and seeing what I accomplished over the year.

It’s a good place to take stock/inventory in a life…..in a business….and since this is both to me, ’tis what I shall do.

I started 2020 with an ambitious project: The Hexie Temperature Quilt. I can barely believe I am almost at completion! It’s one thing that made the year pretty and happy and fun to look at. Maybe God knew I needed this project in this year. It won’t be finished before 2021 begins, as I still will have to fill up the border hexies, decide if I want to add the temperature legend to it & how, and quilt it….BUT I will have the main part done. THAT, my friends, is pretty amazing to me!

It turns out Instagram really likes this project too, as these were my TOP 9 Posts for 2020

I also started the year with an ABC character sew-a-long, which I made it through all of A, B, and C. LOL! So, not a true accomplishment, but not all goals get met.

This year I also wanted to re-ignite my blogging platform. I came upon this idea in March….looking back, it was comical that that happened to be the exact time that the world came to an abrupt stand still. Let’s just say virtual schooling 4 very dependent children put a small damper on my blogging efforts.

Oh, the pandemic. How you have made our lives so crazy different! I haven’t really addressed it’s impact on my business much because I really had so many other things to focus on. While I would love to have Ladybeez Designs be my sole income stream at times…..it’s times exactly like this that I am thankful for my hospital laboratory career. I was able to really put this business on the back burner and focus on our families needs when I was at home. My heart breaks for all my fellow artists and small business owners that depend on their craft as income. I guarantee that if that was the case for me, I wouldn’t have made it through this year financially. Guess how many people purchase childrens’ boutique clothing for children that never get to leave their homes? (I’ll give you a hint: barely any)

So, when the demand and call for sewists to make masks was made….I started trying to do my part. Oh . boy. the feelings I had for this were strong in all directions. I couldn’t believe the pressure put upon sewists that were already struggling to make ends meet with their small businesses being guilted into using their time and money to pump out masks as if the worlds’ lives depended on it. At the same time, my empathetic heart ached to help in every way I could! Oh the conundrum! I stopped counting at 400 for masks I gave away/donated/gifted…..to many other mask makers that’s a drop in the bucket. But, to me, that was my limit. I still make a few here and there….back to my boutique style of sewing in that department. What a wild ride! Aside from putting a serious dent in my sewing stash (which I am grateful for)…I did find a pattern that was comfortable/effective for many people, so for that I am thankful as well.

Throughout the year, I continued to participate in the Red Rose Sales & Auction House. People just weren’t in the mood to buy my goods. I get it, believe me, I do. It is just hard to stay motivated when you aren’t selling. I am thankful for friends and loyal, longtime customers that continued to make custom orders. I spent the better part of the last 3 months sewing memory keepsakes for friends and family who lost loved ones. Pillows, ornaments, and aprons in the medium of shirts and neckties.

Of course, I sewed up a few fun things for myself and my kiddos too….even if we didn’t get to show them off very much.

LadyBeez Designs Family Halloween 2020

In NON sewing things, you may have noticed a very HIGH presence of Hallmark Movie Reviews the past 2 1/2 months. I hosted a Hallmark Movie Showdown Bracket for the second year. It brought a lot of joy to myself and hopefully the 53 other participants through laughs and prizes.

So, there we are. The end of 2020.
I am so thankful to have this creative platform. It truly is a therapeutic outlet.

I’m supremely blessed to have a loving and supportive family.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Werner Photography

Looking forward to a NEW YEAR and FRESH IDEAS in 2021!


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