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Hallmark Christmas Review: A Holiday in Harlem

Right off the top, I love when Hallmark does movies set in different cites or in countries that I’ve never been to. The opening scenes walking along with the mailman got me really excited that we were going to be “traveling” to Harlem and experiencing what locals experience. Now, while I think they tried to give us the idea or feel of that….it wasn’t as enlightening as I expected.

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️ Jazmin & Caleb…I don’t know about these kids….they could have been so flipping cute. They had so much history together, and I will admit that got me more interested in this paring. Most notably for me was the little drummer boy story and the basketball scene….but Caleb: he could have tried a little harder to win his girl….and Jaz, I couldn’t tell if she was even in to him most the movie. Ugh, I just wish they would have worked harder to show their true feelings, THAT’S WHY I’M WATCHING! I mean, Olivia Washington & Will Adams are beautiful people….give us more!

STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️I really love the idea of Jazmin coming home and reconnecting, not only with Caleb, but her family and her community! This Christmas Jamboree gave me so many items to add to my Christmas activity wish list! Here’s the issue I had though….if my family treated me the way Jaz’s did, I wouldn’t want to come home either! Why are they mad at her? Because she has a successful job? Her parents were even clueless to the fact that it’s “not ideal” to grow up with divorced parents that don’t get along. Really? You want to try and sell me on the fact that shuffling back and forth between 2/3 homes is suppose to be fun? Sorry. Might hit too close to home for me…but I did not enjoy that angle.

SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️Lots of Love for Mama Belle. She tries to take care of the whole block and I just love that. While I also love that she dishes out some tough love—it kind of broke my heart that she never seemed to choose Jazmin’s side. Maybe I am just needing more tenderness in my Hallmark mamas/moms this week……………..Also how cute was Catrina, Caleb’s preggo sister? She was such a sweetheart to Jaz and Caleb! Plus she was funny and sassy ta boot!

FEELS ❤️❤️Unfortunately, I got more uneasy feels in much of this instead of the warm and fuzzies. The Little Drummer Boy/Ace nicknames and their meaning were super cute though….and the Fashion Bash left me with a PERMAGRIN!

HALLMARK SURPRISE (what made this different from typical Hallmark movies) ❤️❤️Just having a movie set in Harlem and showing all the ways a community can come together to celebrate as one big family was different.

NEW (ungraded) CATEGORY no hearts given, but I feel like some of the “traditions” or decor in these movies NEED a little spotlight. I mean…


  1. Santa Basketball Jam….YESSSS!!!!!
  2. Holiday Fashion Bash…those suits! LOVE!

12/25 So, even seeing this 12 makes me want to rethink my ranking….I feel like I enjoyed this movie much more than that. However, due to the lack of romance I got from it….probably wouldn’t watch again…

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