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Hallmark Movie Review: A Cozy Christmas Inn

So, be honest, Hallmark…..did you really think that if you make a movie in the exact same “town” with the same lead actor….SAME premise/plot….as a CCB Christmas movie….WITH her TV sister, that people would not have questions?

This is obviously a sequel to “Christmas Under Wraps”. Everyone knows it. Why not just say it? It’s very un-Hallmarky of you. That’s all I will say about that.

So here’s how I break it down:
5 categories, 5 hearts possible in each

CHEMISTRY (between the leads) ❤️❤️❤️ Ericka & Andy we learned were together BCCB (Before CCB) but split up when Andy moved back home to Garland. They obviously both still hold a candle for each other. Here’s where I found it difficult to get into their relationship. It all was very friend zone. I mean, the poster art is odd, right? Even the big finale closing scene felt forced to me. I LOVE Jodie…..and Jodie Sweetin & David O’Donnell were both good in this one…but I just didn’t feel the heat of them together…..EXCEPT in the observatory. That moment earned them some chemistry hearts.

STORYLINE (overall plot of the movie) ❤️❤️❤️ Well, if this isn’t a Classic Hallmark Plot, I’m not sure what is! If it wasn’t for all the characters pulling us along, this movie would have been a snoozefest for me. I get that it’s probably just Garland for ya, but the cheese level was through the roof….and normally, it wouldn’t bother me too much, but since the romance wasn’t firing on all cylinders, it needed more. YOU HAVE SANTA! They should have leaned more into it….but I guess Andy’s dream was to run an inn, and not be the most magical man of the season!?!?!

SUPPORTING CAST ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Claire, Hattie, & Martin in that order: trifecta of supporting cast comedic gold. Almost every scene they were in made me giggle. But, I guess “That’s Garland for ya” Also, love me a Boss Babe, Vivica A Fox as Sharon……of course, Frank Holiday as the Big SC was adorable too. Claire’s character sold this whole town to me. (hint: it shouldn’t be that way)

FEELS ❤️❤️❤️ Observatory Moment: hands down the highlight of this one for me. I also may have grasped my chest when Andy pulled an entire Coffee shop out of thin air as a surprise. (kinda made those Christmas gifts pale in comparison)

HALLMARK SURPRISE (what made this different from typical Hallmark movies) ❤️❤️ Do you think this movie was originally made for CCB and Jodie Sweetin’s character made written into it after Candance left Hallmark???? Things that make you go….HHMMMMM….. The biggest shock for me was that Frank’s reveal to Ericka wasn’t very shocking at all. Sort of medicore at best….which, when you think about it, sums up the whole movie pretty well.

15/25 It was cute. A fun flick that I am sure my kiddos will love because, well, Stephanie. 🙂 I wouldn’t turn it off if it was on again, but I probably wouldn’t seek it out. I enjoyed it.

P.S. Did anyone pay enough attention to count HOW MANY times someone said ” That’s Garland for ya!” I’m honestly curious.

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