Taking a LEAP back into Blogging

I gotta say,  I didn’t think I’d be blogging again.

Well, to be fair, I never really stopped DOING all the things I used to blog about, I just stopped typing it up.

Wait, did you even KNOW I had a blog before this one?   If not, I’m telling now.   It was called “For What It’s Worth…or Not”, and I started it back in 2009.


Yeesh, I’m old.

I was a fairly new to marriage and a mother of 1 adorable little girl that I wanted to share with the world.  What started as an overly excited mama wanting to share pictures and musings with family and friends, lead me into the deep, dark rabbit hole of craft bloggers.

Honestly, it was the best thing that ever happened to the creative side of my brain. (that was in desperate need of an outlet).  I was able to connect with other moms that shared the same interests, joys, and struggles all while giving me a sense of accomplishment.  It was a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN all around.  And if I’m being truly honest…this blogging community was 100% responsible for me learning to sew.

I know you probably think I learned from my mother, and don’t get me wrong….I asked her a million questions (and argued with her about her answers 999,993 times), but we just didn’t learn the same way.  I picked up sewing from online blog tutorials and PDF patterns….she used those flimsy tissue paper patterns that I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ARE STILL AROUND….Burn them all.   We even constructed garments differently…she liked to wing it, I am by. the. book.  At any rate, we complimented each other well, and soon we were selling our creations as LadyBeez Designs.

I spent a long time (YEARS) keeping my blog going, sharing my growing family, and trying to make LadyBeez Designs a profitable business.  All of it was important to me.  All of it was fun….until one day, I found out someone had stolen a picture of our son and was using it in a way that scared the BLOGGER right out of me.  I immediately unpublished my personal life/craft blog and haven’t posted on it since.

So what’s changed now?   If you know me personally or even been a customer/visitor of LadyBeez: I’ve experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  We’ve since completed our family with 4 children, and most notably to me personally and to the business, my oldest brother passed away unexpectedly followed by my mother being diagnosis with cancer and passing away within the same year.   Heavy stuff, my friends.

This life here on earth, I tell ya….it’s unpredictable.  It does, however, keep on going for the rest of us that are blessed to still live it.

I’ve enjoyed learning more about sewing and challenging myself to try new things.  Some of it has worked out great…others, not so much.  Which brings us to the now.

It’s time to gather up all the things I love and share them again!

You can expect some Sewing…both for sale and for fun!

Crafts & DIY….I love me a hot glue gun!

Home Decor & Holidays…..I love to celebrate seasons and special days!


Unashamed Hallmark Movie Reviews…..(if you stick around you might find yourself loving them too)


So Welcome to the new friends….and Welcome back to my old ones!

This is going to be fun!


Photo Credit: Ashley Werner Photography

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