School Pride Serpa Fleece Quilt

This was such a cool project to undertake!

I’ve made a hand-full of quilts before, but this one was special in more ways than one. First of all, this school of ours is such an amazing place…not only do we send 3 of our children here, but MY siblings and I went to school here from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The church, it’s people, are our family. Many members that I see on the regular have watched me grow up…they witnessed all the struggles and triumphs of our family, from my infancy to our marriage and births of our own children. They’ve surrounded us with love and prayers in our darkest hours and our brightest shining moments.

Oh man, see? This place and these people have my whole heart!

So when an announcement was made that we were going to have an event with a silent auction that needed items to be donated, I knew I needed to make something very special. This idea started with our recently new designed logos. I knew I could always upcycle some shirts like I had in the past to make clothing….but you see, I needed something that would appeal to the masses (and clothing sizes and styles can be limiting) Eventually, I landed on a quilt.

But how could I make this one of a kind? I set out to design the fabric! Once I started, it was hard to stop. I had to limit myself to a few designs…or time (and my budget) would get out of control! Here are the 3 I had printed…I made some of my Reusable Snack Bags to go along with the the basket.

As for the quilt itself, I didn’t want to get too intricate and needed to show off these prints….so a simple block quilt it was.

My favorite part though is the trim & back! I could piece together quilt tops all day….but when it comes to quilting and binding…. meh….. not my fave. I found this super quick tutorial from one of my favorite craft bloggers from way back in the day (of course, she never stopped blogging and is now wildly successful) …. ANNNYYYYYWHO, I love the look of quilts, but I am a soft and comfy blanket girl ALL THE WAY. This backing trick gives you the best of both worlds!

So folks, there you have it. My SCHOOL SPIRIT SHERPA FLEECE QUILT!

And for those of you who are attending our school Gala Fundraiser, crack open those piggy banks and get those auction bidding funds ready!

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